Creating Pioneer Woman Inspired Stickers

A Guide to Creating Pioneer Woman Stickers Using Canva

My parents recently moved and a new home comes with new decor and themes. Just ask my wonderful mom who changed up her entire style while she unpacked! My mom is a lady who LOVES to theme out rooms and for her new house, her new kitchen, she went all out in the Pioneer Woman Inspired Stickers. If you don’t know what that is, it’s bright, colorful, floral patterns that scream cute little modern country kitchen. This tutorial can help you creating pioneer woman stickers for your house. 

My mom is a massive fan of weekend yard sales so that combined with actual shopping, she has managed to form the ultimate pioneer woman kitchen.  From the bread box to the toaster, everything fits the theme. Everything that is, but one item – The KitchenAid stand mixer!

Now, normally my mom is an impatient woman so buying a new mixer was a real possibility until she saw the price. However, my dad loves her to pieces so anything that makes her happy is bound to happen. In order to help save my dad’s wallet and my mom from ditched a perfectly good mixer for a bright and shiny new model, I went searching through my purchase history on DB to find the perfect stickers to upgrade her mixer from boring standard white to the Pioneer Woman Stickers!


If videos are more your speed, be sure to check out the Youtube Channel. 


 If you want to follow along using exactly what I have, you can grab the Fiesta set clip art designs to below using this afl link here  



Materials Needed to Create Pioneer Woman Stickers:

Creating pioneer woman stickers is not so hard unless you have the following few things:
  1. Above Clipart Design
  2. Cricut Machine (or equivalent) 
  3. Glossy Vinyl Paper

Step 1 - Open Canva Design

I am telling you if you have not gone to Canva and poked around, you literally are doing yourself a disservice! Stop now and go look. If you didn’t see my last Canva tutorial, you need to check it out because we are using the sticker setup technique in this tutorial. 


cricut sticker tutorial

Step 2 - Set up document

If you are new to creating stickers with Cricut print and cut, Cricut limits us on the size that we have available. Their Print and Cut settings will only allow us to create projects within a 9.25 x 6.75 scale (or 6.75 by 9.25) You do you boo! Set up your width and height using either one and tap “create a new design”.  Be sure you are using in for inches and not the default pixels (or px) 

Step 3 - Change your Canvas color

By default, canva creates a white background. We want to change our background color so that we can pull the color easier once we upload these sheets into Cricut Design Space. You can do that by tapping that colorful box towards the top left. I chose a light grey color to make things easier.

setup canvas in canva

Step 4 - Upload your images

Now that our Canvas is created, you will want to import your clip art files. Make sure to unzip your design to get full access to the files and since we are working on cutting down the time it takes to create projects, DRAG everything from that folder directly on the canvas. I mean you can use the uploads button on the left of the screen, but I love dragging things in.   

Upload images to canva

Step 5 - Add them to your canvas

Once you have your designs uploaded, you will see them pop up in the panel on the left side and / or on your canvas. If you don’t see them on your canvas, click them from the left and they will populate. Start moving your pieces one by one so we can adjust the empty space around the designs. You can adjust that by selecting the sticker design and dragging the “hotdog” handles around the design itself.  The circles will change the OVERALL size of your design. 


Be careful not to get the designs too close as we will be adding an offset inside of Cricut Design Space, so make sure you have enough room to account for that. 

add images to canva

Step 6 - Download

Once your setup is roughly how you want it, we want to download the sheet by selecting the download in the top right corner. Select “PNG”.

Step 7 - Upload

Now that our design is downloaded, it’s time to upload the sheet into Cricut Design space. Select “complex” and hit continue.

Step 8 - Erase the Background

The next screen in the Cricut process should ask you about erasing. In order to do this, we want to make sure to ONLY select the canvas background color from earlier. Doing so will remove it, allowing us to save clean-cut stickers. 🙂  Click continue and USE THOSE TAGS! 


I can not stress this enough. As tempting as it is to just hit continue, because “I’ll find it later” DON’T! You will not find it later and you will hate life. LOL. Use those tags. This is not optional. Okay, it is, but seriously, learn from my mistake! The image name is useless. The tags are where it’s at. Use those tags so when you need to search for this later, it will be easier to find it. 

erase background in canva

Step 9 - Create an offset

Now that we have our design inside of Cricut Design Space, we can move onto creating an offset using Cricuts feature – “offset”. I do want to note that I created a dark background so that you can see what I am doing. You DO NOT need to do that. I just wanted to make it clear what is going on behind the design. Now that we have this ready, we want to select the floral design layer and the offset button should become an option. 

By default, Cricut populates an offset. As you can see, it is far too big for our stickers. You can change this by dragging the button towards the center line. I picked an offset of .1 as a good base for my stickers based on the area  I had to work with. You may want to go with a different size depending on how you worked out your stickers. 

The offset has now been created (black background behind the design). 

With the offset ultimately set up to become out outline for our stickers, I am going to change the background from black to white by selecting the layer and hitting that box next to the “operation” to change the color. As you can see, the stickers have created holes where the clipart has spaces in between. We don’t want those cut out, so we are going to fill them. To do this, we are going to change the operation of our offset layer from print then cut to a cut basic. By doing this, we have unlocked the “countour” feature in Design Space. 

Step 10 : Contouring

Select our white sticker offset, and in the bottom right corner of your screen, you will see “contour” Select that, and a popup window will appear allowing you to select certain aspects of the design and hide them. (See below). 

We are going to select the inner pieces because we want the machine to cut the outline only.  Apply these settings and we can exit out of this screen and the white offset will change.

Step 11 : Flatten

We are finally ready to move on but first we need to flatten our sticker design. That will convert our cut offset back to a print and cut. Select both layers, right click, and select flatten. 

Step 12: Print Settings

When we select “make it” in the top right corner, we are throw into the screen below. Send this set up to the printer, but first, you want to make sure you are printing in the best quality. When you hit “Send to printer” a diaolog box will appear. Make sure you use your correct printer and tap the radio button that says “use system dialog”. This will give you access to your printer settings. 

The printer settings that I need using the vinyl paper I have request Premium Glossy. Make sure you are selecting the appropiate paper settings. Your printer may ask you to confirm. 

Step 13: Cut Settings

I wanted these stickers to pull out easily. I selected poster board, but you don’t have to. The thicker the material you say you have, the deeper the blade will cut. 


Once you hit okay and print, the sticker sheet will come out with the black outline. Because this vinyl sticker paper is glossy, I needed to take a wax melt (a candle will do just fine as well) and rub the wax on the black outline so that the Cricut Machine will read the black border design. 


Once they are cut out, you are left with super cute – very much so – Pioneer woman inspired stickers! I can’t wait to give these to my mom at our dinner on Sunday. What do you guys think? What are other items you would  “Pioneer Woman”?

- xo Ashley

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this tutorial.  I hope you found some value in it and it would help you creating pioneer woman stickers for your own. Don’t forget to pin this post so that your crafty friends can find us also. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Check out my social links to the right.

pioneer women vinyl stickers

Back to School Art and Craft Ideas to Get You Inspired

Back to School Art and Craft Ideas to Get You Inspired

Class is in session besties – well almost. I drove by my kids school last weekend and the shocking truth that our summer vacation is almost over had me FLOORED! In less than a month, summer will be officially over. While it’s bitter sweet here, on one hand, I am excited to have more time for designing, on the other hand, I don’t feel like we got everything done that we wanted to do this summer. Do you feel the same way?


Now that back to school is upon us, let’s take a minute to get inspired for the fun back to school art and craft ideas that you can create with your craft machines. 


The links in this post are affilate links They cost you nothing more, but I do get a small portion of the sale if you choose to buy. Your support goes to allowing me to keep creating content, freebies, and more.

First Day of School Signs

Nicole Andrew created this really adorable and easy to use first and last day of school template. You can grab a small chark board or dry erase board and use this for years to come. I have spotted her kids school photos and they are absotuely adorable!  You can grab this SVG file here.

Label All The Things!

As they say in the south, everything looks better with a monogram. If you enjoy the look, be sure to check out these fun school labels from Cute Files. You can grab this SVG file here.

Back To School Shirts

Who doesn’t love a well-placed tie-dye design? If you want a super cute way to dress the littles for back to school, take a look at these sublimation designs. Ranging from Preschool all the way to 6th grade. Thank you Digi Web Studio!

Sublimation Patterns

If you are looking for a more DIY shirt project, you won’t want to sleep on these back-to-school sublimation designs from Dina Store. Add any quote over the top of the design and you have an instant win. 

Teacher Signs

I know a lot of besties enjoy using their glowforges and that is you, you HAVE to grab this teired tray set up from Sawdust and Sweet Tea. I am in love with the crayon sign! You can grab this svg pack by here.

Return My Pencils

If you’re a teacher, I am sure you know the struggle of pencils not coming back. Add this little design to your pencil cup as a gentle reminder that you assigned their seat. Grab the file here.

back to school project ideas
christmas crafts with cricut

Get Inspired – Christmas

Christmas Crafts with Cricut to Get You Inspired!

Yes, you read that right, Christmas! I know that we are in the middle of the dog days of summer, we literally just set off fire works, but now is a great time to start planning your holiday crafting. Why? Crafting takes time and money and I don’t know about you, but both are limited, espcially if you are planning on selling your crafts during the holidays. So here are some beautiful Christmas Crafts using Cricut that you can try this holiday season.

According to a survey done in 2020, over 30% of people start to shop for Christmas as early as September. Okay, Ashley, but it’s JULY – we still have like 2 months. 


While yes, we do have 2 months before the early birds begin to shop but let me ask you…


How quickly can you create those tumblers? What about making sure you have time to take on custom requests as the days get closer? What is it going to be like once school starts back up? After school sports and weekend craft fairs? Have you considered supplies getting harder to find the closer we get? Are you going to offer gift wrapping? What about your marketing material once your items are made. How soon …… okay, you get my point. There are ZERO reasons why pre-planning your holiday collections are a bad idea.  Plus handmade takes time!


christmas crafts with cricut

Ideas for Christmas Crafts with Cricut

Okay, So I finally sold you on the idea! Let’s waste no time. This post will be filled with fun holiday Christmas crafts using Cricut that you can start making today to get your customers in the Christmas spirit. (Even if you don’t want to start physically preparing for the holidays, you can still save these designs, and get your marketing material ready by using Canva and mockups!)

Ornament Design

One of the most popular things that you could make around are the holidays are ornaments. No matter how many my mom has, I ALWAYS find more on her tree every year it’s put up. I’ll make a post later filled with nothing but ornament designs and link it once I have it live, but until then, I hope this freebie gets your gears turning. You can grab it using the afl link here

Verticle Signs

Vertical signs are an excellent way to dress up your patio. When you add a countdown feature to the design, it makes it the PERFECT after Turkey day porch accesory. In order to achieve this, you can use chalk board vinyl and cut a circle out, placing it in the center of this designs. Did I mentioned that it’s free?!

You can grab it using the afl link here

Holiday Shirts

Dressing up in fun festive attire makes the entire season (at least according to my soon to be sister in law). She has bags of holiday specific outfits, socks, and jammies for year-round fun. I personally love to get my kids cute Christmas shirts, because let’s face it, they are ADORABLE in the red glitter and reindeer ears. If you love this cookie shirt, you can grab it using the afl link here.

Christmas Cards

Now this might require a little extra designing on your end, but you can use holiday-themed clip art and print off Christmas cards to include in your packing. Imagine being able to offer your customers a blank card for easy gifting right at your booth in the flea market or in your order when you ship. If you like this holiday clip art, be sure to grab it using the afl link here.

Layered Designs

If you have been anywhere in the craft world in the last year, you know that layered designs are taking off! Some designs can be really easy to pull off while others are a weeders DREAM. Stacking these layered projects inside of shadow boxes and even on the face of cards, can be a really great addition to your craft booth this year.

Grab this layered snowflake at the link here

Christmas Stickers

If you are not adding holiday stickers to your booth, you are missing out. You can create these in your downtime and offer them as sheets for a few dollars a pop (or even as a free gift when they spend so much with you). These are easy ways to keep people looking inside of your booth because you are going to have lots of unique packing stickers.

Grab these from Whimsical here..

Free Craft Bundle

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention the completely free bundle from Design Bundles. Disclaimer – this bundle has just a few holiday items inside, but the rest of the bundle can still be used for gifts. We don’t have to stick to snowmen and reindeer to have a fun festive time. You can grab it using the afl link here

Christmas In July Bundle

I want to say that this particular item, until the others isn’t free. However, it’s worth mentioning! This bundle from Design Bundles is packed with a TON of wonderful craft files specifically for the holidays. They included designs for every craft holiday craft project from ornaments to stickers, to signs, mats, and so much more. It is certainly worth a look. It’s available this month only for just $19! If you sell just a few items, you have already made your money back.

Don’t miss out on what the Christmas IN July bundle has to offer..

Hope you loved reading this post on Christmas Crafts using Cricut. Don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends out there. I am just trying to help you all out by sharing these beautiful ideas to have a wonderful holiday season. Check out my SHOP for some exciting stickers. You can help me too, if you purchase these stickers from the affiliate links. I’m gonna get a little cut from all these which would let me bring out more exciting tips and tricks for you like this one.


Cricut Sticker Hack

How to Create Cricut Sticker Sheet in Canva - Tutorial

I have been DREADING uploading my sticker bundles in Cricut Design Space. The process takes forever, I want to make sure sure I use the tags, and honestly, if I can’t do something in 1 minute, I tend to skip it entirely. I have far too much on my plate – running two businesses, freelance, trying to build my social media platforms, and being a mom – spending 20 minutes to upload bundles is just not realistic. HOWEVER, the besties in the group need some cricut sticker tutorials and I have spent far too much on stickers to NOT be printing them out. [For real, those dollar deals are addicting.]

I am always looking for a shortcut to skip steps. Call it what you want, we all want a shortcut that actually works!

I took to my favorite online program – Canva – with a theory and it paid off. What I am about to show you will blow your mind. Sticker makers rejoice as I am about to share with you the best Cricut Sticker Hack  (Seriously, have you checked it out yet?)

 If you want to follow along using exactly what I have, you can grab the super cute sticker designs to the right using this afl link here 

cricut sticker sheet

Looking for a Cricut Sticker Hack?

Okay, well maybe we aren’t hacking the system and breaking into the Matrix, but when I tell you it changed the game for me, it literally changed the game. I will be using this technique to put out sticker sets from now until the end of time. All you need is to read this cricut sticker tutorial till the end, your sticker bundle and Canva. 

Step 1 - Open Canva

Yep – here we are again, back in Canva. If you didn’t see my last Canva tutorial, you need to check it out, but if you are new here, Canva is an online design platform that is available for FREE. There is an app. It’s is a MUST have for small businesses, but I won’t get into too many details here.

cricut sticker tutorial

Step 2 - Set up document

If you are new to creating stickers with Cricut print and cut, Cricut limits us on the size that we have available. Their Print and Cut settings will only allow us to create projects within a 9.25 x 6.75 scale (or 6.75 by 9.25) You do you boo! Set up your width and height using either one and tap “create a new design”.  Be sure you are using in for inches and not the default pixels (or px) 

Step 3 - Change your Canvas color

Since a lot of our sticker designs will have a white outline so that our Cricut machines know where to cut, we want to change the background of our canvas. This will allow us to see our design edges AND once we save it out, we can take out the background easily in Cricut Design Space. You can do that by tapping that colorful box towards the top left. I chose a darker grey color to make things easier.we

setup canvas in canva

Step 4 - Upload your images

Now that our Canvas is created, you will want to import your clip art files. Make sure to unzip your design to get full access to the files and since we are working on cutting down the time it takes to create projects, DRAG everything from that folder directly on the canvas. I mean you can use the uploads button on the left of the screen, but I love dragging things in.   

Upload images to canva

Step 5 - Add them to your canvas

Once you have your designs uploaded, you will see them pop up in the panel on the left side and on your canva pretty crazy looking (see below). Start moving your pieces one by one so we can adjust the empty space around the designs. You can adjust that by selecting the sticker design and dragging the “hotdog” handles around the design itself. 

Step 6 - Arrange Your Canvas

Now that all of our stickers empty spaces are taken care of, we can now fill the board easier. We are using these as packing stickers, so they do not need to be huge. I used a size of about 2 inches on most of the designs. This allows me to create 2 sets of these stickers on one sheet. In order to duplicate your designs, you can either drag in another copy from your Uploads or use the short cuts “Control C” (copy) and “Control V” (paste)

cricut sticker hack

Step 7 - Save It!

Once all of our designs are laid out, our canvas is a darker color, guess what? We are ready to move into Cricut Design Space. Tap the “Download” in the top right corner of the screen. This will pop up a menu. From here, save it under PNG.

Step 8 - Cricut Time

Now we get to upload the PNG from the previous step into Cricut Design Space and save it as a print and cut. If you understand how to do this, you are all set, but if you still want some guidance, check out the rest of this post. When prompted, select “Complex” from the image type menu and hit next. 

Step 9 - Erase the Background

The next screen in the Cricut process should ask you about erasing. In order to do this, we want to make sure to ONLY select the dark background from earlier. Doing so will remove it, allowing us to save clean-cut stickers. 🙂 


I can not stress this enough. As tempting as it is to just hit continue, because “I’ll find it later” DON’T! You will not find it later and you will hate life. LOL. Use those tags. This is not optional. Okay, it is, but seriously, learn from my mistake! The image name is useless. The tags is where it’s at. Use those tags so when you need to search for this later, it will be easier to find it. 

I’m going to end the process here because I am still working on the full cricut sticker tutorial. Once you tap “Save” you just put this into your Cricut Design Space and go through the print and cut steps to create stickers. If you needing that tutorial, just keep your eyes peeled in the group. I will be posting it very soon. 


I hope that you found this Cricut sticker hack helpful. I know it will forever have a huge impact on how I make my stickers. If you don’t mind, be sure to pin this post so we can help other crafters. 

Some Fave Packing Cricut Stickers:

You can find great packing sticker designs like this from Sanqunetti Designs. This was the first packing sticker set I used after I learned our hack and I am in LOVE with how cute these designs are.  To see a few of my favorite design bundles, check out the links below:

  1. Rose Gold – Sanquenetti Design
  2. Ultimate Sticker Collection

  3.  Best Selling Stickers  

  4. Small Business Sticker Bundle 

How to Make a Sticker Mockup in Procreate

Creating Sticker Mockups in Procreate - Tutorial

If you haven’t used your Cricut to create stickers and have been wondering How to make a sticker mockup in procreate? Then you have reached the right spot. Making stickers with your craft machine is easy and can be a great way to add bonus goodies to your orders as freebies. Plus when used WITH packaging, they add a personal touch instantly to all handmade items. I mean, let’s be honest – we all had an obsession with stickers when we were younger.


No matter if you are buying the designs from some amazing sticker creators like shown below OR you are creating your own. In programs like Procreate, there are a few ways to show your sticker designs off without having to break out the Cricut – mockups. Mockups are a zero-waste solution to testing products before you spend the time, money, and resources creating them.


Now while you can purchase mockups to use right away in photoshop with smart objects (I’ll have some links to my favorite sets). You can create mockups using tools you may already have on hand, especially if you create your own stickers. Grab your iPad besties, because I am going to show you a quick way that you can create simple sticker mockups in procreate that will display your design in a fun way.

Preface to the Tutorial

I want to preface this with saying that I sell on Etsy. So this tutorial will be based using Esty recommended size requirements which you can find here. They are 2,000 px for the SHORTEST side with a resolution of 72 pixels per inch and a ratio of 4:3. So what does that mean? Well to sum it up, Etsy wants horizontal photos uploaded to their site with a size of 2666 × 2000 at a minimum. They automatically crop your image, so you want your focal point in the center. *I think that 2,666 is a weird number and if you do to, feel free to use 3000 × 2250.  If you want to check out where I came up with these numbers, be sure to visit the 4:3 calculator.


*When you upload the image, you can edit the listing photo to show where you want. But I have returned to my shop plenty of times to find out that they restored it to the default. It’s better to set your image up correctly before you move forward to save yourself fixing issues in the future.  


This post contains affiliate links, any purchase that you make by clicking on one of these links will not cost you anything, but I will get a small commission on the sale.

 Now that THAT side track is done, let’s get back to making sticker mockups in procreate!

How to make Sticker Mockups in Procreate?

Open up the Procreate app. “Procreate” is a wonderful drawing app that countless designers use. When paired with the Apple Pencil, it’s a heaven sent! If you already own this then you know what I am talking about.


Set up your document sizing using the ratio we talked about earlier (4:3). For this tutorial, I will be using the 3,000 px by 2250 px. and a DPI of 300. Etsy only requires a 75 DPI, however, starting with 300 will allow you to use this photo in other places, giving you the BEST quality that you could want. 


Sticker Mockups in Procreate

Inserting Your Photos

Insert your photo by tapping the wrench icon in the top left and clicking “insert photo”. Select your sticker mockup photo you want to create and the program will automatically place it on the screen.

Changing Your Background

Most of the sticker outlines will be white. So to help your Cricut machine understand where to cut, you will want to change the background of the document. This will help you to see what we are looking at. 

You can do that by tapping the stacked boxed in the top right corner of the screen, tapping on the background color layer, and selecting a darker color.

Duplicating Your Sticker Layer

Now that we can see the background, duplicate your sticker layer a one time and hide the original  as this will be your focal point. To duplicate, you can hit the double squares (layers panel) in the top right and swipe swipe left. 

Resize the duplicate layer by tapping the arrow icon and using the bounding box to drag it down to a smaller size. Duplicate this layer a few times so we can start to fill the background up with sticker designs. 

Now start re-arraging the stickers in the background to overlap each other. (Think of this as a “I just dumped ALL of my stickers on the table photo).

You end up with something like this. To be honest, after I fill up about a quarter of the screen, I merge all of the layers and duplicate that a few times to completely fill out screen. After the dark is covered, I go back and add a few extras to break up some odd repeating patterns until I get the results that I want. 

Final Touches

Now that the base layer is done, let’s blur this layer so that our hidden sticker layer will be the MAIN focal point. To do this, you have to tap the magic wand icon in the top left of the screen. Now select “Gaussian Blur” and then layer. Slide your finger across the screen to achieve the desired look. Now unhide your original sticker and BOOM! You are left with something like this. So, this is how you create sticker mockups in procreate.


To make sure customers understand what they are getting. You can add sizes with simple text at the bottom or add arrows to show width by height.


If you are interested in seeing a way to show scale in mockups, check out the next blog post

sticker mockup final product

Sample Sticker Mockups in Procreate

There are several shops that already offer mocks that you can use that showcase your stickers “in the wild”. Be it simply holding the stickers, stickers on a laptop, or stickers on packages (similar to what is shown below). 

You have a wide variety of options for creating and selling your handmade stickers. If you are interested in any of the mockups to the right, check the links out below

  1. Hand Mockup
  2. Planner Mockup
  3. Laptop Mockup
  4. Candy Jar

Some Fave Packing Stickers

You can find great packing sticker designs like this from Nicole Andrew and many other designs. To see a few of my favorite design bundles, check out the links below:


  1. Ultimate Sticker Collection (shown to the right)

  2.  Best Selling Stickers  (used in this tutorial)

  3. Small Business Sticker Bundle 

Canva Sublimation Tutoriald

Making Sublimation Designs In Canva

Sublimation Designs in Canva: A How to Guide!

So last week, I shared with you besties in the group an awesome set of FREE summer clip art. I mentioned that, with the right summer quote, you could create some fun summer designs. YOU said “what?!” so let me show you want I mean.


The set included a few different girls, an adorable floatie, and some fun accessories. Each clipart piece was saved on its own with transparent backgrounds, making this SUPER convenient to create sublimation designs. 


If you missed the clip art, don’t worry, I have you covered. You can grab them using the affiliate link here directly from the designer over at Design Bundles. 

Say what?

Creating a sublimation design does not have to be complicated and you do NOT need expensive software to do it. I pulled all of the elements inside of the ZIP file and created 2 sublimation designs that are print-ready with no extra programs needed. 


*Disclaimer, I do LOVE the Adobe Suite, I “grew up” on it and have worked heavily in it for the last decade.  You don’t have to have it, but it does make creating stuff easier long term because you are able to have more control over your end product. 

Let's Get Started

What do you need?

  1. Clip art from the Summer Girls Bundle (If you grabbed it already, great, if not – check it out here)
  2. Canva (It’s FREE!)
  3. Summer quote

Yes, really, that’s IT!

Step 1 - Open Canva

It should go without saying, we will need to have Canva open. Canva is an online design platform that is available for FREE. I have been smitten with Canva for a moment now because it’s easy to use and convenient. Yes, I did go to school for graphic design, yes I know how to create stuff, but there is something about having to create for yourself that throws me into a serious FREEZE! Plus being able to create on the fly with the app is amazing. Oh did I not mention the app? Check it out for yourself – 🙂 

cricut sticker tutorial

Step 2 - Set up document

Since we are creating a sublimation design, we need to make sure that it will be large enough. Typically you will want to start your designs in 15×15 inch size. You can create a new document in the top right corner by clicking “Create a new design” and then selecting “Custom Size”. Be sure you are using in for inches and not the default pixels (or px) 

Step 3 - Upload your images

Now that we have our base created, you will want to import your clip art files. Make sure to unzip your design to get full access to the files and either drag them onto the canvas or use the Uploads button on the left of the screen.  

Upload images to canva

Step 4 - Add them to your canvas

Once you have your designs uploaded, you will see them pop up in the panel on the left. Select the pieces that you want to add. I grabbed 3 girls, a beach hat, and a drink. When you click on an item, it automatically adds it to the document. 

It’s important to note however, that there may be extra space on the sides. While not a HUGE deal, if you want to grab your characters easier, you will want to cut down on the extra space. In order to achieve this, you will want to select your girl until the bars show up on the sides. Grabbing that and gragging it inward will get rid of that. 

Now that all of our girls are on the document, we can flip the one in the center by selecting her and tapping “Flip” in the options bar. With some quick rearranging, we now have our girls set up in a row. 

Step 5 - Add your text

Canva has a lot of fonts that we can use in their program.  With this particular design, we are using a couple of their preset text options. By tapping the presets, it will import those into the document as well and we can edit them from there, changing the colors, fonts, sizes, and more. I selected “love you” and scrolling down, you should see “fun”. You will want to ungroup “love you” by right clicking. 

By tapping on the text, it will import the designs just like what is shown above. By clicking on them, the options bar will change, and you will be able to edit the text more. See below for examples. When you select the glow text, you will want to move the intentsity bar to max stength. This will turn our inside text white.

Playing around with the text we are able to get this design shown below. When you are happy with your design it’s time to SAVE! With sublimation designs, you want to have the best quality for print. You’ll want to save it with PDF print settings which will give you the 300 DPI (dots per inch). Hit the download in the top right corner. Keep in mind, most sublimation printers will not print white, so anything that is white will be the color of your shirt. 

There you have it!

I hope that you found this walkthrough on how to create a sublimation design in Canva helpful. You don’t need expensive software to do amazing things. You can apply these same steps to other clip art projects, so next time you spot some in the free sections, be sure to grab them!

 If you have any questions, feel free to reach out in the group and I can help in any way possible.

small business tips and advice

1 Thing You Need For Your Small Business

Small Business Tips and Advice - All About That Money

Wanting to open a business is just the beginning of your journey. Between deciding on products, where to sell, who your suppliers will be, your mind can be buzzing! Getting paid sounds simple and the easiest solution would be to dump those funds right into your own personal checking account. I mean it’s YOUR money, you worked for it, so why not? As an entrepreneur if you take small business tips and advice from me, let it be this one – open a business bank account! 


Keeping your business money separate from your personal money is going to help you keep your taxes somewhat square when it comes time to file them at the start of the year. But opening a bank account won’t help if you don’t keep your purchases separate as well. What should you separate though? The short answer to that is everything.


small business account

Opening and using separate accounts will help you keep track of your income across various selling platforms and your expenses from various sites. It will help define YOUR business and you can, at a glance, see where your money is coming and going. I also suggest applying for and opening a business credit card. When shopping for a credit card, try to find one that has awesome perks like cash-back which will help offset the costs of running a business. I love American Express Business Credit Card account.  I also have a Paypal business account with a credit card (mostly because If I don’t have my main card on hand, I can use that on most sites to check out. They also offer 6 months no intrest if the purchase is large enough so that’s a big bonus for me. *Disclaimer – PLEASE use credit cards responsibly!


Where Can You Get A Free Account for a Small Business

small business tips and advice

I shopped around for my accounts for a while before I found mine. I noticed that a lot of banks want to charge you a monthly fee for a business account. Just starting out, I did NOT want to pay for a monthly fee. While I can appreciate “that’s the cost of running a business”, that’s not something that I wanted to take on at the time. I finally found that Ameris Banking offered FREE business checking accounts. I did have to deposit I believe 100 to open the account, but the fact that it was free was fantastic. 

One thing to keep in mind that FREE does have restrictions. You are limited to your monthly transactions but you have over 1,000 transactions available. As long as you are not swiping hundreds of time a day, you should be okay with their free account. This could ultimately help your small business however, there are certain pros and cons to it. Read further to learn about them.



[ ] Free Bank account 

[ ] Friendly customer service 

[ ] Debit card and credit cards available 

[ ] Popcorn and lemonade in the lobby (as told by my son)




[ ] Website isn’t the “coolest” 

[ ] Limited monthly transactions 

[ ] Minimum required to open account.

small business tips and advice

FREE Commercial Use SVG Files

Free SVG Files - The Ultimate List of Commercial Use

What are SVG Files and Do we really need them?

Before we start searching for free SVG files. I think it would be better to have a short intro on what SVG files are. So, SVG is short for “Scalable Vector Graphics”. It is a type of XML file that helps upload two-dimensional graphic files on the internet. It is used as an open world format file by graphic designers. Whether or not you’re a designer, but if you have used internet, you might have encountered with SVG files. SVG’s not only help display clear and high resolution content on the internet, but are also search engine optimized and smaller in size. All in all, SVG’s can work as a magic over the internet and has a lot to offer when it comes to visual aesthetics.
free svg files

So you need FREE SVG files?

Look no further. Unless you are new, you know that I LOVE to share those great deals with you besties. No matter if you are starting a business or you are just crafting for fun, you want quality SVG files. I searched high and low, vetted these designers, and have compiled the ultimate list of free svg files – with commercial use. 

(Why commercial use? Check out this post here. )

Some of these sites listed below will have affiliate links attached. They cost you nothing extra, but if you decide to purchase, I get a percentage of the sale.

The Free SVG Files Market Places

These are the big dogs packing heat! These marketplaces consist of several designers from all over the globe. 

Just click on the logo to get started shopping thousands of amazing designers. 

Designer Besties

Just as I sell on the above market places AND have my own site, these designers below have done the same thing. Why shop directly with them? Most times you will find files AND deals on their sites that you won’t find ANY where else – check out these FREE svg files! 

Tinker + Teal


Kita Leigh

Wispy Willow

Tommy + Tilly

Bella B

Perfect Stylish

The SVG Stop

V Anderson

Main Road

Dina Store


SLS Lines

Nichole Andrew

Cruchy Pickle


Missy Meyer

Free SVG Files
commercial use svg files

Commercial VS Personal Use

What's the difference between Commercial VS Personal Use

If you have been around the crafting world for a minute, you may have come across the terms personal and commercial use in the crafting groups. Some files, fonts, and mockups come with commercial while others come with personal only. While they may seem pretty straightforward, I want to take a moment and really elaborate on why this is important to know and why you should spring for commercial use when you can.


Personal use, as the name states, is created for you to use personally. You can make yourself a shirt, sign, or decal with the files. You are not selling the end physical product and there is NO money exchanged once the project is done. Commercial use means that you have the ability to create an end physical product in exchange for money. This means you can sell at the local flea market, you can put your items on Etsy, you can use those stock photos in your business social media accounts to drive traffic to your business. Anything that will even fit your business at the end of the day, the commercial use will save you!

commercial use svg files

Picture this!

So why should you look out for a commercial use license as opposed to personal? GROWTH. If you begin your crafting journey by only collecting personal use files, you could be limiting yourself later. Picture this, one crafty christmas, you have DIY-ed everyones holiday gifts. The hoodie you gave to your Aunt Carol gets some serious attention at her book club and now everyone there NEEDS it, but the file was personal use. Technically (legally and morally) you can not sell the hoodie because DigitalSuzieQ only gave you a personal license and yes “accepting donations” counts as making money – don’t bring that bad crafting karma on you.


What can you do in this scenario? Well, you’ll have to check the design site to see if they have the ability to purchase the commercial use file. Oftentimes they will (probably for around $3) but they might not – or worse you don’t remember who you got it from! [Check out this FREE gift to help you keep track of all your downloads


What if we had Commercial Use?

Now play that same scenario but this time, your amazing digital collection is nothing BUT commercial use files. You can immediately start selling to your heart content and stack that money with Carol’s book club. So while this scenario is a little silly, it does happen! A simple post of “check out what I did this weekend!” can blow up to having 20 orders and now everyone is looking at you wanting to know if you can make that but add sparkles. 


Even if you start with the thought of just making for yourself, you never know what might change. Take our recent pandemic for example, when the world shut down, some turned their hobby into a serious business! So while you may not think you need it right now, if you can help it, find those files with commercial use. Your future self will thank you. 


Disclaimer – Now I feel silly bringing this up, but I do want to clear up a common misunderstanding about commercial use license. Commercial use does not give you permission to resell the design itself. You can not profit on the design in this way. Even giving away a freebie you can not do that. The design, when you download it, is for you and you alone. You can not share that. You can create physical products but you can not sell the file itself. You may think it’s not a big deal, but as a designer myself, I have to say, please – support our designer besties. They put their effort into the design that they are selling for 3 dollars. If someone you know wants the design, direct them to the site to download from the original party. Even free files, direct them to the right spots.


I hope this helps in clearing up the difference between commercial use and personal use. You can find sites here that offer commercial use even FREE commercial use files!

What is commercial use SVG


Ready to make money? Follow these tips if you are STARTING A CRAFT BUSINESS!

With a craft machine, it is so easy to go from crafter to boss babe (or dude!). There are a few things though that you will want to be aware of when starting a craft business. In this article, we are going to go over all of those to get you ready for the shift from weekend creator to full-time hustle!

1. Shift Your Mindset

Yep, that’s right, you need to SHIFT your mindset to start your business. You are no longer going to treat this as a hobby but as a business. You have to be ready to put in serious work to grow this into something that will create income for you. There will be late nights ahead, you will need to have money invested, and you might even need more Starbucks (is this a punishment though?) but the end results will be worth the time you have to put into creating your business. You need to consider your time VALUABLE. Set a plan – even a loose one – of what you want your business to be. You don’t have to realistic right now, just jot down where you picture yourself. You can no longer focus on things that do not serve you and your end goals.

2. Know Your Suppliers

In order to run your business, no matter how big or small, you need supplies! By doing a little bit of research ahead of time you can find out who has decent prices and how many of each unit you need to order to get those prices. While your local craft store may be convenient, oftentimes you are paying for that convenience. 😉 Take into consideration the costs of shipping and their shipping frames when picking your supplier. Have a few of them at the ready to give you the best prices. Check out some of my favorites and our besties lists here.

3. Understand Licensing

Not all designs are created equal – even if they are FREE. if you are selling your finished projects, you want to make sure you have the proper license. 😉 Most often you will see sites refer to their license as personal or commercial use. Personal use, as the name suggests, is personal. It’s just for you to make and use within your home. You’re not making money for your brand/business in any way. Commercial use allows you to make and sell end products. Most often those end products will be physical, however, you are also able to create digital files as well. If you are looking for sites with commercial use be sure to check the link here and also peep these FREE commercial use sites.

4. Research The Market

I am all for jumping in head first because I get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things that you “should” plan, getting together the PERFECT plan, and ultimately I never finish. If you are like that – *hugs* I am so sorry! With that said, there is something in doing a bit of research before you open shop. (Even after opening up shop, you will want to keep an eye out for trends!) When you think of what you want to sell, take a minute to just consider your prices, what options you will offer to your customers, and if you will take on custom orders. By doing a quick Google search or even peeping at other Etsy shops, you can get an idea of the market prices for items similar to yours. Don’t undercut yourself!

5. Crunch The Numbers

A business won’t succeed if you don’t understand where your money is going. One big thing that you have to know is how much your materials cost!? If you haven’t taken a minute to find your suppliers, seriously, do this now! How much time does it take to create your designs? What do you want to make an hour? Are you spending money on marketing? What are your listing fees on your platform?

For help in understanding what your project costs, you can check out this cool spreadsheet I made to help you break it all down.

6. Making Products

It should go without saying that we need to create our products! I mean, we are here to make money. Creating products will allow you to gain basic vinyl skills that will help you grow your business and create your crafts like knowing how to weed designs, press shirts, and apply decals. These skills and processes will change over time as you find out what works best for you. 


Remember practice makes perfect! If you are wanting to make cool glitter tumblers, be sure to visit your local dollar tree and pick up some cheap cups to practice on before committing yourself to that order. By making some products, you can also get an idea of how much time and materials it takes to make your products is. (Now, as time goes on, you will get faster at your craft and supplies have the potential to go down in price – so this might change later.)  With that said, you DO NOT have to create a product for every design you plan to offer. You can, in fact, use mockups to stage products and get insight into a product line before you commit time and money (check out this video here). 

7. Set Up Shop

So you know your numbers, you have your products, and you are ready to get that money but where do you sell? There are so many amazing places that you can sell your handmade items on. When starting a craft business, the most affordable option is; social media! Facebook and Instagram have made it possible to grow as a craft business with the use of swip swap groups and FB pages. By posting finished products or mockups in groups, you can get orders through DMs. Be sure to use payment centers like Paypal for business purposes (it protects you and the buyer). Wanting to go a step further? Check out local craft fairs and flea markets. You can rent out booths for relatively cheap for a weekend. 


There are other platforms like Etsy (afl) and Amazon handmade.  I love my Etsy shop and it now makes up over half of my monthly income! I do have an Amazon handmade shop, however, it is NOT user-friendly (for me at least) so I haven’t been able to sell on there to give my opinion on their platform.  If you are interested in reading my take on Etsy, you can visit the link to learn more. If you are seeking to drive your traffic and do it “your way”, you can also set up your own website. I happen to run my own site(s) that I sell on through WordPress but you can use Shopify for an easier setup. Each platform has its own set of fees so when deciding where to sell, be aware of those numbers.T

8. Time To Shine!

You may have heard the saying if you build it they will come but don’t be silly! We are not sitting around waiting for success to come to us – we are goal getting besties and we are here to shine. You are your biggest advocate for your business. No one will hustle for you more than you. Don’t let a day go by without a post on social media. You don’t want to create SELL SELL SELL posts, but keep engaged with your audience is important. Social media can be one of the BIGGEST drivers of traffic. Think about where your target market hangs out and make sure you show up. The latest fun spot to be is TikTok and if you are not already following me, why not?! Don’t forget to share this with your people around. Maybe someone known out there might be looking for starting a craft business.