easy diy halloween costumes

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas for 2021

8 DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas for 2021

Halloween is that time of the year when even the old souls get excited to play Trick and Treat and dress up in funny or spooky costumes for Halloween. I know how difficult it is to come up with a unique as well as trendy look each year so if you are running out of ideas, I have got you covered. The thing I love the most about Halloween is that you literally have no norms to follow! You can wear and dress up like whatever you want. It’s time to bring all your crazy fantasies to life. The choice is completely yours! So, I have combined 8 evergreen easy diy halloween costumes for kids and adults too that you can create at home in a few minutes. So let’s see which of these looks trend the most this year!

DIY Halloween Costumes with Cricut

Well if you own a Cricut machine, there is no better time than Halloween to use it. You can create fabulous DIY Halloween costumes with Cricut. The best part is that you can get Free SVG Bundles for creating your own halloween shirts. Here are some of my favorite ideas for DIY Halloween costumes for kids as well as adults using a Cricut machine:

1. The Skeleton

You can easily create a skeleton costume for yourself or your kids at home by just bringing your Cricut machine to use. To pull this one off, all you need is to print and cut some svg bones (stickers) and apply them to your black jumpsuit. If you don’t have a black jumpsuit, you can simply put them on a pair of black pants and a plain black t-shirt!

2. Elsa from Frozen

Make this costume for your little princess and she will be over the moon! For this one, you just have to use your Cricut machine to cut a variety of snowflakes and apply them to her ice-blue dress. You can finish the look by braiding her hair similar to Elsa’s iconic braid, you will find hundreds of tutorials on YouTube that will teach you how to do that!

3. Snow White

Dressing up as snow white is a great idea for DIY Halloween costumes for kids. Simply pair up a blue shirt with a yellow skirt. Give the hair some tight curls and apply ruby red lipstick. To really get into the character, give your kid a fresh apple to carry around during the party!

Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Changed your mind and decided to attend that Halloween party? I got your back with these couple of last minute DIY Halloween costume ideas. You can create this look with things that are easily available at home!

4. Ross and Rachel in Vegas

This one is for the Friends’ fans! I came across this idea for easy diy halloween costumes while scrolling through my Instagram feed. I am sure fans of friends are gonna love it! But, you will need a plus one to match the vibe of this costume.

Just take a black marker and draw a moustache and beard on your face if you’re a girl and whiskers on your face if you’re a guy. You can Google their photos for more accurate reference and that’s it! It will take hardly 5 minutes to finish this look and everyone who has seen friends will immediately recognize what you guys are the minute you enter the party!

5. The Traditional Ghost

Short on ideas and running out of time? Well, you can always pull off this look for DIY Halloween costumes at home. Drape a white sheet over yourself and hold a lighted pumpkin in one hand. There you go, simple, fun, and scary ideas for easy DIY Halloween costumes.

DIY Halloween Costumes at Home

The older you grow, the less sense it starts to make in investing a sum of money to buy a ridiculous costume that you are never going to wear again! So, the rational thing to do would be to create a Halloween costume for yourself at home while also spending the least amount of money.

Refer to these ideas below to get some inspiration:

6. The Happy Clown

I know this is among one of the most common costumes but hey if we are talking about easy DIY Halloween costumes, this is something you can pull off with the least hassle!

Own a pair of red chinos? Great! Pair it up with a bright-colored shirt and get yourself a clown wig and some face paints. You know how this goes, put on the wig, give yourself a clown makeover, and Ta-da! It would take like 15 minutes for you to get ready!

7. Bloody Mary

Ah- it doesn’t matter how old I am, bloody Mary still scares the soul out of me! You can easily do a bloody Mary makeover at home and get ready for Halloween. All you need is a white dress and some face paints.

Wear the dress and paint your face and neck white. Now add effects using either red lipstick or red paint. Again, google the pictures for a better reference. You will be amazed at how effortless it is to create this look and yet it looks so spooky!

8. Strawberry Costume

This is a perfect idea for DIY Halloween costumes for kids if you are a mom to a little girl. All you need is to buy felt paper in the colors yellow and green. Cut out seed-like shapes from the yellow felt paper and leaves from the green one and paste these on her plain red dress using a glue gun or double-sided tape (if you don’t want the dress to be ruined). Scatter around the yellow seeds on the dress and paste the leaves along the neckline of the dress. She can pair it up with a basket in her hand containing strawberries!

You can also use my Cute Creepy Kids SVG Bundle to make your child rock the party.

So, which one of these was your favorite? For me, it has to be the one with Ross and Rachel in Vegas! It is so creative and yet so easy. If you want to dress up unique, I suggest you try this one. I’m really looking forward to Halloween this year, let’s wait and find out which costume was the most common and trending this year!

easy diy halloween costumes
halloween craft decorations

Halloween Craft Decorations for 2021

15 Creative and Spooky Halloween Craft Decorations for 2021

Do you hear that? The whispers? I sense someone is here to get ideas about halloween craft decorations. Halloween is my FAVORITE time of the year. I enjoy it because I love seeing everyone dress up in mysterious and spooky costumes. Everyone puts aside their responsibilities to bring out the humorous side of them and enjoy the occasion to the fullest!

As much as I like dressing up on Halloween, I don’t seem to forget my passion for DIY crafts. I have been on it for weeks now, and finally, I decided on these super creative 15 Halloween decor DIY ideas to decorate my home:

Halloween Craft Decorations with Downloadable SVGs

1. The Pumpkin Cart

For this first one, I printed out some stickers from design bundles  and cut them out. Then I pasted these on some undecorated pumpkins. You can also draw and paint orange leaves on your pumpkins. Once done, I placed them in the cart and left them in my yard!

2. Spooky Fog

Plan on throwing a party on Halloween this year? This is one of the perfect Halloween décor ideas for outside. You could do it at the main entrance to welcome your guests in a spooky manner!

Print this haunted house sticker and cut it out. Take a bucket or a pot and paint it rust. Once the paint is completely dry, paste the sticker on it! Pour some dry ice in the bucket, you can easily find it at your local grocery store. Place it on the main entrance and add some water right when the guests start to arrive!

3. Bat Props

Print out this Bat Design on a piece of card paper. Punch a hole on the top and attach a thread to it. Hang these bat props from the ceiling and fulfill your fantasy for halloween craft decorations while at the same time frightening the soul out of your guest’s bodies!

4. Spooky Vases

Wrap up your vases with matte black paper or paint them black. Print this Scary Ghost Bundle on a sticker sheet and cut all of the ghosts out. Paste them on the vases randomly and TA-DAA!

5. Spooky Vases

Hosting a small gathering? Try this! Print this Trick Or Treat template. Cut out the negative space to use it as a stencil. Now place it on the chair covers. Outline the design with a fabric marker and then remove the stencil. Fill the design with fabric paints. Once the paint is dry, put it on your chair and it’s done!

6. Hocus Pocus Wall Hanging

I used this Hocus Pocus SVG to create my wall hanging. I printed it out and then got it framed. You can place this on the doors or the kitchen walls! This is also one of the easiest Halloween décor DIY ideas!

7. Spooky Wine Glass

Now this one is somewhat a permanent idea but you can always reuse them every year. Print out these Spider Stickers paste them on your wine glasses. It looks damn creepy!

8. Halloween Quotes

Pick out any old frames from your mother’s collection and paint them black. Paste any Halloween quote on it and hang it anywhere!

9. Creepy Candle Stand

Use your old wine bottles for this one. Paint them in orange, lime, and rust colors. Stick a red candle in them. Also, spray a little red paint on the bottles to give them a bloody look!

Halloween Decor Ideas for Outside

Halloween decor isn’t only about staying indoors. To set the complete haunted house party, you need to work on the outdoors as well. Read more to find out some halloween decor ideas for outside.

10. Haunted Tree

Looking for Halloween decor ideas for outside to decorate your garden? Try out this one. Print out several copies of this Ghost Design on card paper. Turn it into a prop as I told you in #3. Hang it around the branches of the trees in your garden. You can also hand lots of toilet paper for the effect although I’d suggest against it because you’ll be wasting a lot of tissue paper this way!

11. Scary Fruits

This is my most favorite Halloween décor DIY ideas among all of these. It looks so creepy that it’s almost funny! For this one print these Monster Eye designs. Now cut these out and paste them on the fruits.

Place these fruits in the fruit basket and put the basket on the dining table. I love how it turned out and trust me, it gives you the chills in the first look!

12. Paper Lanterns

Make some Paper Lanterns. You can find tonnes of tutorials on the web. Now paste some spooky stickers that you downloaded from DB on it and you are good to go! Place it on your porch and turn on the light at night to give everyone in your neighbourhood chills!

13. Garden Ghouls

Another one in the collection of Halloween décor ideas for outside: Garden Ghouls! For this one, you need some of the old tin cans. Duh, finally found the use of them! Paint them white then paste Ghost Eyes and Mouth. You can download them from . Place them on your fence to scare the naughty kids away!

14. Spooky Halloween Lights

Customize the lights using this technique  for halloween craft decorations. Take a bundle of orange paper and turn it into small lantern origami. Use these lanterns to cover the bulbs in the string light. You can also get this Halloween Porch Sign to decorate your porch and create spooky halloween vibes.

15. Halloween Welcome Doormats

Choose an SVG from this Halloween Doormat Bundle and print it out. Cut out the negative space to turn it into a stencil. Place this on a plain mat and spray paint it. Your personalized doormat is ready!

So, what do you think about these ideas for halloween craft decorations? Aren’t these simple, easy, and super light on the pocket? Let me know how many of these you liked the most and are planning to follow!

halloween craft decorations
fall sublimation designs

Fall Sublimation Designs to Try Out this Fall

Celebrate A Happy Fall with these lovely Fall Sublimation Designs

Those of you who have been following me for a while now know that I love decorating my place to welcome seasons. As fall is right around the corner, we know the tradition, don’t we? So this year I decided to use some fall sublimation designs to celebrate fall in full swing!

Sublimation is the latest popular trend in the crafting world! I learned this technique a while ago and it has spiked my interest in customizing things. You are here because you are obviously curious about it so here goes an easy description about sublimation: It is basically printing a design on paper through the sublimation printer and then transferring it to your desired items using heat.

You can personalize things like mugs, t-shirts, decoration pieces, and much more all by using this technique! I mean, wow! How cool is that? Also, I find this method easier than the other ones since it’s a lot more time-saving as it saves you the hassle of weeding HTV!

So I have picked out a few fall sublimation bundles that I liked the most. They are super reasonable and the designs are too good! Come, let’s have a look at some of these:

1. Animal Print

You cannot resist these design bundles if you are a pet owner or if you love animals. I have always been a big fan of leopard print and it never goes out of fashion!

I find these designs super cute and they would look lovely on decoration pieces. Come to think of it, the rustic colors of this print also vibe perfectly with the arrival of fall! Click on the image above to find free svg bundles.

2. Rustic Home Decor

Do you live an ideal peaceful life in the countryside? If so, then you have got to love fall! I don’t think anyone in the US experiences the fall season as purely as people living at the farm do! I say you should always celebrate the arrival of fall because trust me, some of us crave this time of the year!

The fall colors are one of my most favorite things about this season! Rust, brown, mustard, and orange, these colors complement almost every theme. You can check out this design bundle and use it to decorate your place. You can pair up these designs with almost anything from a towel to an outdoor flag!

3. Messy Bun

Ah- messy buns! Don’t even get me started on how much I love them. Back when I had long hair, this was my go-to hairstyle! They keep your hair out of your face, are effortless, and look elegant!

Well enough about them but you gotta check these designs out! They seem effortlessly nice and look perfect for the occasion!

So? What do you think about my fall sublimation SVG for this year? I personally loved all of these fall sublimation designs. Let me know which one of these you liked the most? Don’t forget to check out the amazing svg bundles. You can find them all by clicking on the images.

fall sublimation designs
fall doormats ideas

DIY Fall Doormats to Welcome Fall in Style

Super Cute DIY Fall Doormats to Welcome fall in Style

The drop in temperature outside always sends a wave of energy and excitement into me and leaves me wanting to be creative and do something (pun intended!). I have been super into DIY house décor these days so I have been searching for innovative ideas to change the look of my home and then it clicked to me, I can design my own fall doormats!

DIY doormats are inexpensive and easy to do, so I decided to have some fun myself this year and welcome fall with some super cute doormats. So in search of ideas, I checked over Design Bundles to find so many cute designs!

So for all the people out there who are obsessed with DIYs these days and want to welcome the fall season in full style this year, the following are the ideas for DIY fall doormats that I tried and you’re gonna love!

1. Fall Doormats with Quotes!

This doormat was one of the easiest and hassle-free ones to make as apart from a thing or two, I already had everything at my place! To design this, you will need the following things:

  • Your favorite fall quote’s template design
  • A cardboard paper
  • Scissors
  • Access to a printer
  • Permanent markers
  • Acrylic or spray paints
  • A plastic sheet (optional)
  • Paintbrush
  • And of course, a plain doormat (preferably black)

The process is pretty easy. All you need to do is print out your favorite fall quote’s template design on the cardboard paper and cut it out with the help of scissors. Ta-da, you just created your customized stencil!  

Place this stencil on the doormat and hold it in position. This is a bit tricky part as you want to ensure the stencil is nicely in place as otherwise, your outline may look unfinished. Now it’s up to you if you want to use spray paints or acrylic ones, you can use whatever is available.

For spray paints, directly spray the paint on the stencil but if you are going with acrylics, use a permanent marker to make an outline first. Once the outline is made, you can remove the stencil and fill in the paint with the use of paintbrushes! Once done, leave it to dry for at least a day or until you are sure the paint has completely dried. You can place this on the main entryway as it would make the perfect fall front doormat!

Note: I spread out a plastic sheet before getting on with this, I suggest you do the same if you are not looking forward to a tile cleaning session afterward!

2. Fall Doormats with Leaves!

I loved how this one turned out. It’s super easy to make and requires almost the same stuff as the former one such as:

  •  Fall Leaves Design Template
  •  Cardboard Paper
  • Scissors
  •   Permanent Marker
  •  Paints and Brushes
  •   Plain Doormat

All you need to do for this one is print some fall leaves on the cardboard, place them on different positions on the mat and trace them out. Now fill them in with rustic colors and there you go! Super fun, quick, and easy to do!

I hope this blog inspired you to get into the DIY zone. Try out these fall doormat ideas and let me know how they turned out!

fall doormat ideas
fall decor ideas title image

Fall decor ideas you can fall for this season

5 Easy and Inexpensive Fall Decor Ideas you can Fall for this Season

So I was going through my year-old Facebook memories yesterday and I was like “Woah! It’s September already?! Feels like we just entered 2021.” Anyway, the beginning of September always really excites me because it is the beginning of so many fun occasions and festivals. The first one being the arrival of fall and working on some exciting fall decor ideas!

I, for one, love this season. The crackling sound of the leaves as I walk through the roadside and the dry breeze hitting my face reminds me of the fact that winter is right around the corner. Unfortunately for me, I live in Florida now, where these events no longer happen but a girl can dream! *Que the world’s smallest violin*

Celebrating the arrival of fall each year is like a tradition for many of us. So last night, I gathered 5 easy and super reasonable fall decor ideas for home that you are gonna love!

*Disclaimer – this post contains afiliate links, they cost you nothing extra, but I do recieve a small commision if you decide to purchase. It’s not enough to make me rich, but it helps funds the coffee and snacks it takes to keep this site moving.

1. Rustic Entrance

Now we need to make the guest feel welcomed, don’t we? The perfect way to do so is to decorate the entrance! What you need to pull this off is to grab your craft machine or to print some fall decals and put them on the main door or the walls of the main entryway. Bonus points for cute fall signs on the porch! To see some examples, check out these designs from Crafty Little Nodes.

2. A Lighted Pumpkin

Ever since I was a child, I have been in love with lighted pumpkins. They never gave me a creepy vibe, instead, I have always looked at them as warm and wonderful pieces for house décor. If these would have gone with the overall theme of my home, I would have placed them somewhere permanently!

To create a lighted pumpkin all you need to do is carve a pumpkin or buy a pre-carved one if you are looking for a time-saving alternative. Then, place battery-charged fairy lights inside it, and TA-DAA, it’s done! Place this on the dining table and have your meals in a cozy setting!

3. Fresh Flowers

For me, orange and yellow coloured flowers make an ideal fall decor for living room. Put a bunch of marigold flowers in a vase and place this vase on the table in your living room. Not only will doing so give you the perfect autumn vibes, but you will also be left with a living room that feels fresh, vibrant, and fragrant!

4. DIY Customized Vase

In order to pull off inexpensive fall decor ideas, your best bet is to utilize most of the things available at your home as the key is to spend very little or no money at all! For this décor idea, all you need is an old vase. Cut or print your favorite fall stickers and place them on the vase or if you are feeling really crafty, grab some brushes and paint some rusted leaves by yourself!

5. Fall Paintings and Stickers

Print some designs of your favorite fall quotes, place them into a frame, and hang them on the walls of your kitchen. A quick, handy, and reusable idea for the perfect fall décor! Check out this large bundle from SVG Original Creations.


printable fall designs image

The above-mentioned ideas are all super light on the pocket and will give you the ideal fall vibes. This year I am looking forward to doing more with vinyl art as they are cheap and replaceable. I have picked my favorite stickers and designs from Design Bundles and I strongly suggest you check them out as well as they have a huge variety of designs that are not only downloadable but printable!

fall decor ideas pintrest image

Back to School Art and Craft Ideas to Get You Inspired

Back to School Art and Craft Ideas to Get You Inspired

Class is in session besties – well almost. I drove by my kids school last weekend and the shocking truth that our summer vacation is almost over had me FLOORED! In less than a month, summer will be officially over. While it’s bitter sweet here, on one hand, I am excited to have more time for designing, on the other hand, I don’t feel like we got everything done that we wanted to do this summer. Do you feel the same way?


Now that back to school is upon us, let’s take a minute to get inspired for the fun back to school art and craft ideas that you can create with your craft machines. 


The links in this post are affilate links They cost you nothing more, but I do get a small portion of the sale if you choose to buy. Your support goes to allowing me to keep creating content, freebies, and more.

First Day of School Signs

Nicole Andrew created this really adorable and easy to use first and last day of school template. You can grab a small chark board or dry erase board and use this for years to come. I have spotted her kids school photos and they are absotuely adorable!  You can grab this SVG file here.

Label All The Things!

As they say in the south, everything looks better with a monogram. If you enjoy the look, be sure to check out these fun school labels from Cute Files. You can grab this SVG file here.

Back To School Shirts

Who doesn’t love a well-placed tie-dye design? If you want a super cute way to dress the littles for back to school, take a look at these sublimation designs. Ranging from Preschool all the way to 6th grade. Thank you Digi Web Studio!

Sublimation Patterns

If you are looking for a more DIY shirt project, you won’t want to sleep on these back-to-school sublimation designs from Dina Store. Add any quote over the top of the design and you have an instant win. 

Teacher Signs

I know a lot of besties enjoy using their glowforges and that is you, you HAVE to grab this teired tray set up from Sawdust and Sweet Tea. I am in love with the crayon sign! You can grab this svg pack by here.

Return My Pencils

If you’re a teacher, I am sure you know the struggle of pencils not coming back. Add this little design to your pencil cup as a gentle reminder that you assigned their seat. Grab the file here.

back to school project ideas
christmas crafts with cricut

Get Inspired – Christmas

Christmas Crafts with Cricut to Get You Inspired!

Yes, you read that right, Christmas! I know that we are in the middle of the dog days of summer, we literally just set off fire works, but now is a great time to start planning your holiday crafting. Why? Crafting takes time and money and I don’t know about you, but both are limited, espcially if you are planning on selling your crafts during the holidays. So here are some beautiful Christmas Crafts using Cricut that you can try this holiday season.

According to a survey done in 2020, over 30% of people start to shop for Christmas as early as September. Okay, Ashley, but it’s JULY – we still have like 2 months. 


While yes, we do have 2 months before the early birds begin to shop but let me ask you…


How quickly can you create those tumblers? What about making sure you have time to take on custom requests as the days get closer? What is it going to be like once school starts back up? After school sports and weekend craft fairs? Have you considered supplies getting harder to find the closer we get? Are you going to offer gift wrapping? What about your marketing material once your items are made. How soon …… okay, you get my point. There are ZERO reasons why pre-planning your holiday collections are a bad idea.  Plus handmade takes time!


christmas crafts with cricut

Ideas for Christmas Crafts with Cricut

Okay, So I finally sold you on the idea! Let’s waste no time. This post will be filled with fun holiday Christmas crafts using Cricut that you can start making today to get your customers in the Christmas spirit. (Even if you don’t want to start physically preparing for the holidays, you can still save these designs, and get your marketing material ready by using Canva and mockups!)

Ornament Design

One of the most popular things that you could make around are the holidays are ornaments. No matter how many my mom has, I ALWAYS find more on her tree every year it’s put up. I’ll make a post later filled with nothing but ornament designs and link it once I have it live, but until then, I hope this freebie gets your gears turning. You can grab it using the afl link here

Verticle Signs

Vertical signs are an excellent way to dress up your patio. When you add a countdown feature to the design, it makes it the PERFECT after Turkey day porch accesory. In order to achieve this, you can use chalk board vinyl and cut a circle out, placing it in the center of this designs. Did I mentioned that it’s free?!

You can grab it using the afl link here

Holiday Shirts

Dressing up in fun festive attire makes the entire season (at least according to my soon to be sister in law). She has bags of holiday specific outfits, socks, and jammies for year-round fun. I personally love to get my kids cute Christmas shirts, because let’s face it, they are ADORABLE in the red glitter and reindeer ears. If you love this cookie shirt, you can grab it using the afl link here.

Christmas Cards

Now this might require a little extra designing on your end, but you can use holiday-themed clip art and print off Christmas cards to include in your packing. Imagine being able to offer your customers a blank card for easy gifting right at your booth in the flea market or in your order when you ship. If you like this holiday clip art, be sure to grab it using the afl link here.

Layered Designs

If you have been anywhere in the craft world in the last year, you know that layered designs are taking off! Some designs can be really easy to pull off while others are a weeders DREAM. Stacking these layered projects inside of shadow boxes and even on the face of cards, can be a really great addition to your craft booth this year.

Grab this layered snowflake at the link here

Christmas Stickers

If you are not adding holiday stickers to your booth, you are missing out. You can create these in your downtime and offer them as sheets for a few dollars a pop (or even as a free gift when they spend so much with you). These are easy ways to keep people looking inside of your booth because you are going to have lots of unique packing stickers.

Grab these from Whimsical here..

Free Craft Bundle

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention the completely free bundle from Design Bundles. Disclaimer – this bundle has just a few holiday items inside, but the rest of the bundle can still be used for gifts. We don’t have to stick to snowmen and reindeer to have a fun festive time. You can grab it using the afl link here

Christmas In July Bundle

I want to say that this particular item, until the others isn’t free. However, it’s worth mentioning! This bundle from Design Bundles is packed with a TON of wonderful craft files specifically for the holidays. They included designs for every craft holiday craft project from ornaments to stickers, to signs, mats, and so much more. It is certainly worth a look. It’s available this month only for just $19! If you sell just a few items, you have already made your money back.

Don’t miss out on what the Christmas IN July bundle has to offer..

Hope you loved reading this post on Christmas Crafts using Cricut. Don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends out there. I am just trying to help you all out by sharing these beautiful ideas to have a wonderful holiday season. Check out my SHOP for some exciting stickers. You can help me too, if you purchase these stickers from the affiliate links. I’m gonna get a little cut from all these which would let me bring out more exciting tips and tricks for you like this one.


Almost Free Holiday Files

$1 So Fontsy

Are you ready for some ALMOST free holiday files? To help you decorate for the upcoming family gathering, I have added three files in the “Almost Free” section on So Fontsy. That puts these three files available for a dollar each (the price of one!) While you are on So Fontsy, you should check out some of these craft files that I have listed a few designs below. They are sure to WOW the family when they visit in a few weeks.

Before you go any further, I have to tell you, this post will contain affiliate links. What does that mean? Well since I am referring you to the site to make a purchase, I get a small percentage of the sale makes. You don’t pay a penny more, but I earn some serious street cred! Now I am not making enough to buy a Lambo, BUT I can buy one more item at the dollar store for a new craft!

Now, what exactly are you getting when you shop from So Fontsy? Well, first you are getting quality products! You are also getting commercial use for these craft files which means that you can sell any project that you make using these files. Craft with NO FEAR!

$5 Mini Holiday Bundle

While I was browsing the site, I spotted this awesome holiday bundle at So Fontsyl This bundle has some beautiful themed designs that will make decorating for the holidays easy! This bundle contains a little something for Christmas, Easter, and even Mother’s Day! I am particularly fond of the Reindeer Express (shown below).

Holiday Mini Bundle
The Mini Holiday Bundle
Reindeer Express
The cutest file in the bundle available for purchase within the bundle or without the bundle.

Snowman Assembly

Snowman Assembly

How stinking cute is this little cardinal and snowman? If you frequent the dollar tree, I am sure you have seen the clear ornaments. Imagine putting some flash snow and a couple of rocks and twigs inside. The perfect little snowman can be yours soon! You can grab this craft file by clicking the link here.

Bless This Nest

Bless this nest

We all know that the holidays can be very emotional, especially if you recently lost a loved one. If you are missing someone special this season, this design is exactly what you are have needed. The old saying goes, when a cardinal appears, a loved one is near. This design is a beautiful reminder that you have a guardian angel watching over you. Tinker and teal has another cardinal file that you can grab using this link here that mentions “I am always here”.

Santa Snacks

Santa Snacks

The holidays would not be complete without some snacks for our Santa and his reindeer! You can grab this new take on a class by using the link here

I hope that you found these holiday craft files useful for your decorating needs over the next few weeks. I know that I am looking forward to crafting and the holiday makeovers! If you are thinking about snagging any of these files, make sure you pin this post! The $1 files change often, so make sure you do not delay! Mine will be available until the 21st, however, I can not make any promises on the others. I hope that you take a minute to check out the Mini Holiday Bundle because for $5 – what a steal! If you want to know more awesome places to get great craft files from, be sure to check out the post where I discuss their free section!

Almost Free

The Mini Craft Bundle IV

The Mini Craft Bundle 4 was released recently and well if you have not seen it, you have to check it out like – now. This mini bundle has 10 fonts and SVG files. Some of the included SVG files are bundles in themselves, meaning you are getting EVEN more bang for your buck! The designs featured in this mini bundle will be *perfect* for gifting this holiday season. Below you will see of my FAVE designs from this mini bundle. The best part of everything you ask? Well, the Mini Bundle is valued at almost $140 but you won’t pay anywhere near that! In fact, your price is only $15! If you have store credit you can pay even less than that.

Before you go any further, I have to tell you, this post will contain affiliate links. What does that mean? Well since I am referring you to the site to purchase the Mini Craft bundle, I get a small percentage of the sale that DB makes. You don’t pay a penny more, but I earn some serious street cred! Now I am not making enough to buy a Lambo, BUT I can buy one more item at the dollar store for a new craft!

Now, what exactly are you getting in this Mini Craft Bundle that makes me feel like it’s totally worth it? Well outside of the fact that each of these products within this bundle is totally available for commercial use, you are getting some pretty cute fonts and SVG files!

Together is my favorite place to be…

First off, you know I have to give major love towards my bestie over at Tinker & Teal (formally Rustic Designs By Megan). As she has so beautifully displayed here, this SVG design makes a very romantic gift if placed on a round board. How many couples do you know that have recently gotten engaged or are planning on getting engaged? Could you imagine them opening up this beautiful piece! It’s a perfect gift for them to start decorating their home with as Mr. and Mrs.

Together Wedding SVG

Christmas Sacks / Santa Gift Bags

With Christmas right around the corner and wrapping paper seaming like a waste every year, you can skip the waste and opt-in for a more reusable option – Santa Bags! This bundle with in a bundle contains 7 Santa bag designs each one can be personalized with your child’s name (or your name, no judgment here). *Mini rant, seriously, you take the time to wrap these presents, folding the corners so nicely, only for them to be ripped to shreds. It’s soul-crushing! LOL Rant over*

Craft Bundle Santa Bags

Cursive Kids font duo

Next on the list is this font duo. I am a sucker for fonts and this “Cursive Kids” font is adorable! Not only can this be used for crafting, but could you imagine all the cute printables! My daughter is working on her writing and I know this would be a great way to help. The “Trace” font is the perfect one for that! If you want to check out more previews of this font, be sure to visit this link here.

Font Duo Cursive Kids

Mr. Fix It

Have a man in your life that is hard to shop for? Does he LOVE working with tools? This font may be the answer you have been waiting for! By purchasing this bundle, you get access to this font! It can be used to create a manly sign for his garage that is sure to be a hit. (PS, this font totally works for those handywomen in your household too! My Mom is a HUGE DIY queen, my Dad, not so much haha)

Mini Bundle Mr. Fix it

Well, guys there you have it! Four products that you do not want to miss in this mini bundle that are sure to make your holiday crafting a little easier. If you are thinking about buying the bundle, make sure you pin this post! The bundle deal only last until the end of November (I believe 11/28). I hope that you take a minute to check out the Mini Craft Bundle and see what other amazing products they have to offer. Design Bundles has a special place in my heart as they always deliver for me. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out the post where I discuss their free section!

Make Holiday Crafting Easy

$1 Event at Design Bundles!

If you have been in the crafting world for a hot minute now, you might have heard of Design Bundles. It is an incredible site packed with even more incredible designers. Since there are SO many designers, they all bring to the table something different! You can purchase everything from fonts and SVG files to graphic packs and even mockup files. It is literally a crafter’s dream (or designer’s!). The best thing is that purchases through Design Bundles come with a commercial license. *internal fangirl scream*. The event is called $1 Event and you will soon see why! Just a disclosure, this post is going to contain affiliate links. What does that mean? Well if you make a purchase I get a small percentage of the sale for referring you. It doesn’t cost you ANYTHING extra.

Okay so now that I am done selling you DB – although seriously, have you checked it out yet? No? Click here NOW then come back. Every month they host a $1 Event where they pull together 20 or so fonts, designs, svgs, paper packs, – let’s just say super awesome products – and they mark it down to $1. ONE Dollar – Yes, you heard that right! A buck. Raise your hand if you love shopping at the Dollar Spot or Dollar Tree for that VERY reason? So you could purchase EVERYTHING in the event and not feel guilty.

This month’s $1 Event at Design Bundles is taking place on October 30th at noon (eastern standard time). This event lasts for just one hour so you have to be quick with your purchase. I have gathered up a few of my FAVE products for you to check out below. Of course, this is not the end all be all. There are plenty of other products available at this $1 Event, these just happen to be some that may or may not be in my cart right now. You can check out the full list by visiting the link right here.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.


It is NO secret that Lashes make everything better! You can grab this pack and start decorating all of your plants, ornaments, and add them to your shirts!

eye lashes at design bundles

Craft Font Bundle

I very well could have a font addiction, but the first step in anything is admitting to it right? Well if you are looking for some fun (and pretty!) fonts, you won’t want to miss this! 18 fonts for $1.

craft font bundle

Mega BUNDLE BIG set of 363 quotes

This designer has gone all out for you and for $1, you will get access to 363 files for your crafting pleasure. They included Holidays to School & more of course!


Rustic Forest Water Colors

I may or may not have a folder labeled watercolor and I may or may not be hoarding virtual piles of gorgoues watercolor clip art. If loving watercolors is wrong, I don’t want to be right! This beautiful rustic watercolor set is available for – yep you guessed it – $1.

water color rustic forest

These are just a few of my favorite items from the upcoming $1 Event at Design Bundles. If you are interested in checking out some for yourself, make sure you visit using my link here! If you didn’t know already, DB was also listed as a trusted FREE design provider! You can see the complete list by checking out this post.