Almost Free Holiday Files

$1 So Fontsy

Are you ready for some ALMOST free holiday files? To help you decorate for the upcoming family gathering, I have added three files in the “Almost Free” section on So Fontsy. That puts these three files available for a dollar each (the price of one!) While you are on So Fontsy, you should check out some of these craft files that I have listed a few designs below. They are sure to WOW the family when they visit in a few weeks.

Before you go any further, I have to tell you, this post will contain affiliate links. What does that mean? Well since I am referring you to the site to make a purchase, I get a small percentage of the sale makes. You don’t pay a penny more, but I earn some serious street cred! Now I am not making enough to buy a Lambo, BUT I can buy one more item at the dollar store for a new craft!

Now, what exactly are you getting when you shop from So Fontsy? Well, first you are getting quality products! You are also getting commercial use for these craft files which means that you can sell any project that you make using these files. Craft with NO FEAR!

$5 Mini Holiday Bundle

While I was browsing the site, I spotted this awesome holiday bundle at So Fontsyl This bundle has some beautiful themed designs that will make decorating for the holidays easy! This bundle contains a little something for Christmas, Easter, and even Mother’s Day! I am particularly fond of the Reindeer Express (shown below).

Holiday Mini Bundle

The Mini Holiday Bundle
Reindeer Express
The cutest file in the bundle available for purchase within the bundle or without the bundle.

Snowman Assembly

Snowman Assembly

How stinking cute is this little cardinal and snowman? If you frequent the dollar tree, I am sure you have seen the clear ornaments. Imagine putting some flash snow and a couple of rocks and twigs inside. The perfect little snowman can be yours soon! You can grab this craft file by clicking the link here.

Bless This Nest

Bless this nest

We all know that the holidays can be very emotional, especially if you recently lost a loved one. If you are missing someone special this season, this design is exactly what you are have needed. The old saying goes, when a cardinal appears, a loved one is near. This design is a beautiful reminder that you have a guardian angel watching over you. Tinker and teal has another cardinal file that you can grab using this link here that mentions “I am always here”.

Santa Snacks

Santa Snacks

The holidays would not be complete without some snacks for our Santa and his reindeer! You can grab this new take on a class by using the link here

I hope that you found these holiday craft files useful for your decorating needs over the next few weeks. I know that I am looking forward to crafting and the holiday makeovers! If you are thinking about snagging any of these files, make sure you pin this post! The $1 files change often, so make sure you do not delay! Mine will be available until the 21st, however, I can not make any promises on the others. I hope that you take a minute to check out the Mini Holiday Bundle because for $5 – what a steal! If you want to know more awesome places to get great craft files from, be sure to check out the post where I discuss their free section!

Almost Free

The Mini Craft Bundle IV

The Mini Craft Bundle 4 was released recently and well if you have not seen it, you have to check it out like – now. This mini bundle has 10 fonts and SVG files. Some of the included SVG files are bundles in themselves, meaning you are getting EVEN more bang for your buck! The designs featured in this mini bundle will be *perfect* for gifting this holiday season. Below you will see of my FAVE designs from this mini bundle. The best part of everything you ask? Well, the Mini Bundle is valued at almost $140 but you won’t pay anywhere near that! In fact, your price is only $15! If you have store credit you can pay even less than that.

Before you go any further, I have to tell you, this post will contain affiliate links. What does that mean? Well since I am referring you to the site to purchase the Mini Craft bundle, I get a small percentage of the sale that DB makes. You don’t pay a penny more, but I earn some serious street cred! Now I am not making enough to buy a Lambo, BUT I can buy one more item at the dollar store for a new craft!

Now, what exactly are you getting in this Mini Craft Bundle that makes me feel like it’s totally worth it? Well outside of the fact that each of these products within this bundle is totally available for commercial use, you are getting some pretty cute fonts and SVG files!

Together is my favorite place to be…

First off, you know I have to give major love towards my bestie over at Tinker & Teal (formally Rustic Designs By Megan). As she has so beautifully displayed here, this SVG design makes a very romantic gift if placed on a round board. How many couples do you know that have recently gotten engaged or are planning on getting engaged? Could you imagine them opening up this beautiful piece! It’s a perfect gift for them to start decorating their home with as Mr. and Mrs.

Together Wedding SVG

Christmas Sacks / Santa Gift Bags

With Christmas right around the corner and wrapping paper seaming like a waste every year, you can skip the waste and opt-in for a more reusable option – Santa Bags! This bundle with in a bundle contains 7 Santa bag designs each one can be personalized with your child’s name (or your name, no judgment here). *Mini rant, seriously, you take the time to wrap these presents, folding the corners so nicely, only for them to be ripped to shreds. It’s soul-crushing! LOL Rant over*

Craft Bundle Santa Bags

Cursive Kids font duo

Next on the list is this font duo. I am a sucker for fonts and this “Cursive Kids” font is adorable! Not only can this be used for crafting, but could you imagine all the cute printables! My daughter is working on her writing and I know this would be a great way to help. The “Trace” font is the perfect one for that! If you want to check out more previews of this font, be sure to visit this link here.

Font Duo Cursive Kids

Mr. Fix It

Have a man in your life that is hard to shop for? Does he LOVE working with tools? This font may be the answer you have been waiting for! By purchasing this bundle, you get access to this font! It can be used to create a manly sign for his garage that is sure to be a hit. (PS, this font totally works for those handywomen in your household too! My Mom is a HUGE DIY queen, my Dad, not so much haha)

Mini Bundle Mr. Fix it

Well, guys there you have it! Four products that you do not want to miss in this mini bundle that are sure to make your holiday crafting a little easier. If you are thinking about buying the bundle, make sure you pin this post! The bundle deal only last until the end of November (I believe 11/28). I hope that you take a minute to check out the Mini Craft Bundle and see what other amazing products they have to offer. Design Bundles has a special place in my heart as they always deliver for me. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out the post where I discuss their free section!

Make Holiday Crafting Easy

$1 Event at Design Bundles!

If you have been in the crafting world for a hot minute now, you might have heard of Design Bundles. It is an incredible site packed with even more incredible designers. Since there are SO many designers, they all bring to the table something different! You can purchase everything from fonts and SVG files to graphic packs and even mockup files. It is literally a crafter’s dream (or designer’s!). The best thing is that purchases through Design Bundles come with a commercial license. *internal fangirl scream*. The event is called $1 Event and you will soon see why! Just a disclosure, this post is going to contain affiliate links. What does that mean? Well if you make a purchase I get a small percentage of the sale for referring you. It doesn’t cost you ANYTHING extra.

Okay so now that I am done selling you DB – although seriously, have you checked it out yet? No? Click here NOW then come back. Every month they host a $1 Event where they pull together 20 or so fonts, designs, svgs, paper packs, – let’s just say super awesome products – and they mark it down to $1. ONE Dollar – Yes, you heard that right! A buck. Raise your hand if you love shopping at the Dollar Spot or Dollar Tree for that VERY reason? So you could purchase EVERYTHING in the event and not feel guilty.

This month’s $1 Event at Design Bundles is taking place on October 30th at noon (eastern standard time). This event lasts for just one hour so you have to be quick with your purchase. I have gathered up a few of my FAVE products for you to check out below. Of course, this is not the end all be all. There are plenty of other products available at this $1 Event, these just happen to be some that may or may not be in my cart right now. You can check out the full list by visiting the link right here.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.


It is NO secret that Lashes make everything better! You can grab this pack and start decorating all of your plants, ornaments, and add them to your shirts!

eye lashes at design bundles

Craft Font Bundle

I very well could have a font addiction, but the first step in anything is admitting to it right? Well if you are looking for some fun (and pretty!) fonts, you won’t want to miss this! 18 fonts for $1.

craft font bundle

Mega BUNDLE BIG set of 363 quotes

This designer has gone all out for you and for $1, you will get access to 363 files for your crafting pleasure. They included Holidays to School & more of course!


Rustic Forest Water Colors

I may or may not have a folder labeled watercolor and I may or may not be hoarding virtual piles of gorgoues watercolor clip art. If loving watercolors is wrong, I don’t want to be right! This beautiful rustic watercolor set is available for – yep you guessed it – $1.

water color rustic forest

These are just a few of my favorite items from the upcoming $1 Event at Design Bundles. If you are interested in checking out some for yourself, make sure you visit using my link here! If you didn’t know already, DB was also listed as a trusted FREE design provider! You can see the complete list by checking out this post.