christmas crafts with cricut

Christmas Crafts with Cricut to Get You Inspired!

Yes, you read that right, Christmas! I know that we are in the middle of the dog days of summer, we literally just set off fire works, but now is a great time to start planning your holiday crafting. Why? Crafting takes time and money and I don’t know about you, but both are limited, espcially if you are planning on selling your crafts during the holidays. So here are some beautiful Christmas Crafts using Cricut that you can try this holiday season.

According to a survey done in 2020, over 30% of people start to shop for Christmas as early as September. Okay, Ashley, but it’s JULY – we still have like 2 months. 


While yes, we do have 2 months before the early birds begin to shop but let me ask you…


How quickly can you create those tumblers? What about making sure you have time to take on custom requests as the days get closer? What is it going to be like once school starts back up? After school sports and weekend craft fairs? Have you considered supplies getting harder to find the closer we get? Are you going to offer gift wrapping? What about your marketing material once your items are made. How soon …… okay, you get my point. There are ZERO reasons why pre-planning your holiday collections are a bad idea.  Plus handmade takes time!


christmas crafts with cricut

Ideas for Christmas Crafts with Cricut

Okay, So I finally sold you on the idea! Let’s waste no time. This post will be filled with fun holiday Christmas crafts using Cricut that you can start making today to get your customers in the Christmas spirit. (Even if you don’t want to start physically preparing for the holidays, you can still save these designs, and get your marketing material ready by using Canva and mockups!)

Ornament Design

One of the most popular things that you could make around are the holidays are ornaments. No matter how many my mom has, I ALWAYS find more on her tree every year it’s put up. I’ll make a post later filled with nothing but ornament designs and link it once I have it live, but until then, I hope this freebie gets your gears turning. You can grab it using the afl link here

Verticle Signs

Vertical signs are an excellent way to dress up your patio. When you add a countdown feature to the design, it makes it the PERFECT after Turkey day porch accesory. In order to achieve this, you can use chalk board vinyl and cut a circle out, placing it in the center of this designs. Did I mentioned that it’s free?!

You can grab it using the afl link here

Holiday Shirts

Dressing up in fun festive attire makes the entire season (at least according to my soon to be sister in law). She has bags of holiday specific outfits, socks, and jammies for year-round fun. I personally love to get my kids cute Christmas shirts, because let’s face it, they are ADORABLE in the red glitter and reindeer ears. If you love this cookie shirt, you can grab it using the afl link here.

Christmas Cards

Now this might require a little extra designing on your end, but you can use holiday-themed clip art and print off Christmas cards to include in your packing. Imagine being able to offer your customers a blank card for easy gifting right at your booth in the flea market or in your order when you ship. If you like this holiday clip art, be sure to grab it using the afl link here.

Layered Designs

If you have been anywhere in the craft world in the last year, you know that layered designs are taking off! Some designs can be really easy to pull off while others are a weeders DREAM. Stacking these layered projects inside of shadow boxes and even on the face of cards, can be a really great addition to your craft booth this year.

Grab this layered snowflake at the link here

Christmas Stickers

If you are not adding holiday stickers to your booth, you are missing out. You can create these in your downtime and offer them as sheets for a few dollars a pop (or even as a free gift when they spend so much with you). These are easy ways to keep people looking inside of your booth because you are going to have lots of unique packing stickers.

Grab these from Whimsical here..

Free Craft Bundle

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention the completely free bundle from Design Bundles. Disclaimer – this bundle has just a few holiday items inside, but the rest of the bundle can still be used for gifts. We don’t have to stick to snowmen and reindeer to have a fun festive time. You can grab it using the afl link here

Christmas In July Bundle

I want to say that this particular item, until the others isn’t free. However, it’s worth mentioning! This bundle from Design Bundles is packed with a TON of wonderful craft files specifically for the holidays. They included designs for every craft holiday craft project from ornaments to stickers, to signs, mats, and so much more. It is certainly worth a look. It’s available this month only for just $19! If you sell just a few items, you have already made your money back.

Don’t miss out on what the Christmas IN July bundle has to offer..

Hope you loved reading this post on Christmas Crafts using Cricut. Don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends out there. I am just trying to help you all out by sharing these beautiful ideas to have a wonderful holiday season. Check out my SHOP for some exciting stickers. You can help me too, if you purchase these stickers from the affiliate links. I’m gonna get a little cut from all these which would let me bring out more exciting tips and tricks for you like this one.