how to set up an etsy shop

How to Set up An ETSY Shop (2nd Part)

In our last blog, we went over how to set up an ETSY shop and our first listing. In Part 2, we are jumping into finishing up the shop and getting paid! If you haven’t read it first, I would reccomend going back and checking that out. Don’t forget you can get 40 free listings by clicking here! 

What Type Of Seller Are You?

It’s time to distinguish who you are a seller. More than likely you are one person creating an Etsy shop so you would select Individual or sole priorietorship. For the purposes of this blog, that just means that it you are the sole owner of the shop. Now there are many ways that you can see your shop and establish it in the eyes of the goverment, but I won’t get into that here. If you have registered as a corporation, you will need to make sure that you select incorporated business. 

how to setup an etsy shop

About You

In the next part, we will input who we are. Fill this information out accordingly. 


Here you will choose where you bank is located and your account information. I reccomend that you open a seperate account for your business. You can find free business checking accounts with banks like Ameris and sometimes credit unions. This isn’t a requirement, but it will help you keep your expenses seperate through out the year making tax time easier. 

Credit Card

On the next page you will be adding in your credit card information. This is for Etsy billing purposes. The age ole’ quote, it takes money to make money is ever so true. Etsy has fees which I will outline in another blog but you will need to have a card on file to take care of these. Now typically, it won’t be a big deal, especially if you use the 40 free listings, you start off in a good spot as each listing will cost you 20 cents. However, if you’re items are selling, Etsy will take their fees out of your earnings to make things easier. Afer you save your card on file, you can now open you shop!


Welcome to Etsy!

Congrats! You have succesfully finished setting up an etsy shop but the work doesn’t stop there! Stay tuned as we go over additional things you can do in your shop make it pop allowing you to stand out as an Etsy shop owner. I am so excited for your journey bestie, I know you will do amazing things. 

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