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Pricing Spreadsheet – Cost Calculator – Includes USD, AUD, GBP, and CAD

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Pricing Spreadsheet – Cost Calculator

So one of the most common questions is how much should I charge? Everyone’s situation is different, based on your area, experience, cost of your material, it will greatly impact what you should be pricing your products at.
While I can’t give you the exact price, what I CAN do to help you besties is offer you a spreadsheet that is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  1. Input your cost of material
  2. Input what you are using for your project.
  3. The price you want to sell at
The spreadsheet will literally do the rest for you leaving you with the cost of your materials and how much you are profiting.
This includes USD, AUD, CAD, and GBP along with measurements like cm, meters, oz, liters, and more!


Check out the channel where I show you in real-time how it works!

What’s Included?

You will get a .xlsx file to upload to your google drive as well as instructions on how to use it!


You can use this in any way that you want! Everything from home decor, to signs, to shirts, to well whatever! Your imagination is your only limit. With that said, I do ask that you do not resell the design as your own of course, and do not share or give it away for free. Please respect the work that was put into this design and direct them to my site. You can make as many physical products that you want. Find more information about that by clicking here

Tips & Tricks

If you are working with Cricut Design space, be sure to visit this link here for help on uploading your files.
To get more information on uploading your files into silhouette visit this link here.
For help with unzipping your files, make sure you visit this link here. 
Do you need help with organizing your craft files? Check out this link here!
To see what type of vinyl you need for what project, check out this post here.
For a list of my most trusted vinyl suppliers this link here

More Goodies

Make sure you check out the FREE section and the $1 deals as each week I add new files!

Let’s Connect!

I would love to see your final product! If you make something awesome and you want bragging rights, be sure to tag me on social media using @amcxstudio or @svgbyam or post it on the group. It makes me so happy to see what you guys have made.
I hope you enjoy the design as much as I enjoyed creating it!
Until next time xoxo
– Ashley

1 review for Pricing Spreadsheet – Cost Calculator – Includes USD, AUD, GBP, and CAD

  1. CJ Latour (verified owner)

    Love this spreadsheet! You did such a good job and inspired me to use it so I wouldn’t not know what to charge, if I’m charging the right thing and etc! Thanks for making it so easy. 🙂

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