clipart for stickers

Clipart For Stickers – Cricut Craft Tutorial

How to Make Stickers Using Clipart?

A few days back I was clearing up some space in my computer. I came across various graphic sets that I have collected over the years including clip arts and whatnot. They have been resting there for years because I could never figure out a way to use clipart for stickers. I couldn’t turn them into stickers as not all of them have clear outlines and it would have been a mess even if I tried cutting them. They seemed pretty useless to me all this time.

So I thought and thought of a way I could make use of them and finally came up with the perfect solution to use my saved clipart for stickers. To convert my graphic sets into digital stickers, I use which is a completely free graphic design software. I use it to define the outline of my stickers so they can be printed and cut by using design space and my Cricut machine.

This method is so easy and fun, quick even once you get a hold of it. I will walk you through the process step by step. Don’t go anywhere, read this post till the end to discover the trick of converting clip arts into adorable digital stickers!

Want Free SVG's For Halloween?

We’ll get into the main part later on but first of all, you obviously need a set of clip arts to start. As I have mentioned a million times before, I download mine from I love the designs there and the best part is, most of them are absolutely free! So I chose this free Halloween SVG for Cricut and downloaded it to my computer.

This free Halloween SVG for Cricut that I just downloaded contains some of the most amazing and of course spooky designs. You can wander around and download something else or download this one because Halloween is right around the corner and you’re going to need this if you are planning to throw a Halloween party this year!

Once it’s downloaded, open up the folder and you will see a zipped file. Extract its contents and when it’s done, open it up and you will find your designs there!

Now if you open up this directly on design space, it’s going to turn into a mess. The outline is all going to be smudged and there’s no way you can cut it without having it turn into a disaster. Cricut will try and cut it and you will end up with something unrecognizable – AND a headache!

Instead, just head over to Canva and follow these steps to use clipart for stickers. Here comes the interesting part:

How to Make Digital Stickers on CANVA?

Setting Up Canva

Go over to Canva’s website or install its app. On the top right corner, you will see a CREATE DESIGN button. Click on that.

Adjust the size to 6.25*9.25 because that is what design space supports and opens up the canvas.

Change the background color. I changed it to grey because it’s the perfect setting for me. You can change it to what you prefer.

Uploading Your Clipart Files

Now, on your left, there’s a tab with multiple tools. Click on the upload media one and upload your design on the canvas.

Select your design and click on the edit image option that’s gonna pop on the top of the screen.

Type in shadow in the search bar and select the glow option. Once you select it, click on the same button again to open the adjustments.

Increase the transparency to 100%, decrease the blur to 0% as it’s going to remove all the fuzziness, and change the color from black to white. You can adjust the size accordingly too.

Now keep adding the rest of the designs from the free Halloween SVG for Cricut bundle that you downloaded and repeat the process until you’re done.

Moving the File onto CDS

Once the sheet is completed, save the file as a png on your computer. Now open it up in Cricut Design Space. Remove the grey background. Use tools to ensure you got all of it or otherwise you will be left with small grey marks around your stickers.

Again, download the file to your computer. Save it with a name such as Halloween stickers and then add similar tags like spooky stickers so you can easily find them.

Then again, start a new project on Cricut and upload this image.  Adjust the size and click on the make button!

Send it to the printer and start printing. Move on to the next step, select the material. I usually select paper plus.

Load your design onto the mat and put it into the machine, hit the arrow, and follow the instructions given on the screen!

That’s it! It might seem a lot to take in right now, but once you start doing it, it will hardly take 5 minutes. Exploring this method is by far one of the most wonderful things I have done and I hope it helps you too!

clipart for stickers
easy diy halloween costumes

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas for 2021

8 DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas for 2021

Halloween is that time of the year when even the old souls get excited to play Trick and Treat and dress up in funny or spooky costumes for Halloween. I know how difficult it is to come up with a unique as well as trendy look each year so if you are running out of ideas, I have got you covered. The thing I love the most about Halloween is that you literally have no norms to follow! You can wear and dress up like whatever you want. It’s time to bring all your crazy fantasies to life. The choice is completely yours! So, I have combined 8 evergreen easy diy halloween costumes for kids and adults too that you can create at home in a few minutes. So let’s see which of these looks trend the most this year!

DIY Halloween Costumes with Cricut

Well if you own a Cricut machine, there is no better time than Halloween to use it. You can create fabulous DIY Halloween costumes with Cricut. The best part is that you can get Free SVG Bundles for creating your own halloween shirts. Here are some of my favorite ideas for DIY Halloween costumes for kids as well as adults using a Cricut machine:

1. The Skeleton

You can easily create a skeleton costume for yourself or your kids at home by just bringing your Cricut machine to use. To pull this one off, all you need is to print and cut some svg bones (stickers) and apply them to your black jumpsuit. If you don’t have a black jumpsuit, you can simply put them on a pair of black pants and a plain black t-shirt!

2. Elsa from Frozen

Make this costume for your little princess and she will be over the moon! For this one, you just have to use your Cricut machine to cut a variety of snowflakes and apply them to her ice-blue dress. You can finish the look by braiding her hair similar to Elsa’s iconic braid, you will find hundreds of tutorials on YouTube that will teach you how to do that!

3. Snow White

Dressing up as snow white is a great idea for DIY Halloween costumes for kids. Simply pair up a blue shirt with a yellow skirt. Give the hair some tight curls and apply ruby red lipstick. To really get into the character, give your kid a fresh apple to carry around during the party!

Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Changed your mind and decided to attend that Halloween party? I got your back with these couple of last minute DIY Halloween costume ideas. You can create this look with things that are easily available at home!

4. Ross and Rachel in Vegas

This one is for the Friends’ fans! I came across this idea for easy diy halloween costumes while scrolling through my Instagram feed. I am sure fans of friends are gonna love it! But, you will need a plus one to match the vibe of this costume.

Just take a black marker and draw a moustache and beard on your face if you’re a girl and whiskers on your face if you’re a guy. You can Google their photos for more accurate reference and that’s it! It will take hardly 5 minutes to finish this look and everyone who has seen friends will immediately recognize what you guys are the minute you enter the party!

5. The Traditional Ghost

Short on ideas and running out of time? Well, you can always pull off this look for DIY Halloween costumes at home. Drape a white sheet over yourself and hold a lighted pumpkin in one hand. There you go, simple, fun, and scary ideas for easy DIY Halloween costumes.

DIY Halloween Costumes at Home

The older you grow, the less sense it starts to make in investing a sum of money to buy a ridiculous costume that you are never going to wear again! So, the rational thing to do would be to create a Halloween costume for yourself at home while also spending the least amount of money.

Refer to these ideas below to get some inspiration:

6. The Happy Clown

I know this is among one of the most common costumes but hey if we are talking about easy DIY Halloween costumes, this is something you can pull off with the least hassle!

Own a pair of red chinos? Great! Pair it up with a bright-colored shirt and get yourself a clown wig and some face paints. You know how this goes, put on the wig, give yourself a clown makeover, and Ta-da! It would take like 15 minutes for you to get ready!

7. Bloody Mary

Ah- it doesn’t matter how old I am, bloody Mary still scares the soul out of me! You can easily do a bloody Mary makeover at home and get ready for Halloween. All you need is a white dress and some face paints.

Wear the dress and paint your face and neck white. Now add effects using either red lipstick or red paint. Again, google the pictures for a better reference. You will be amazed at how effortless it is to create this look and yet it looks so spooky!

8. Strawberry Costume

This is a perfect idea for DIY Halloween costumes for kids if you are a mom to a little girl. All you need is to buy felt paper in the colors yellow and green. Cut out seed-like shapes from the yellow felt paper and leaves from the green one and paste these on her plain red dress using a glue gun or double-sided tape (if you don’t want the dress to be ruined). Scatter around the yellow seeds on the dress and paste the leaves along the neckline of the dress. She can pair it up with a basket in her hand containing strawberries!

You can also use my Cute Creepy Kids SVG Bundle to make your child rock the party.

So, which one of these was your favorite? For me, it has to be the one with Ross and Rachel in Vegas! It is so creative and yet so easy. If you want to dress up unique, I suggest you try this one. I’m really looking forward to Halloween this year, let’s wait and find out which costume was the most common and trending this year!

easy diy halloween costumes
how to use digital paper in cricut

How to Use Digital Paper in Cricut Design Space?

How to Use Digital Papers in Cricut Design Space?

Every day I come across new things to do in my Cricut Design Space, and I fall all over for it once again. My interest started increasing exponentially the day I learned about how to use digital paper in Cricut. Once you start using digital papers on Cricut, there is no going back!

I can’t keep all of this information to myself any longer! I am so excited to share it with you guys because trust me you are going to adore your designs once you learn the use of digital paper in design space. It is finally time to bring all of your SVGs into use that you have accumulated in your downloads over the years. The process that I am going to walk you through right now is going to give them a stunning transformation!

Using Digital Paper in Design Space

So without any further ado let’s get into turning our SVGs into stunning stickers by using digital paper for Cricut.

The following steps summarize everything that you need to do before you hit the print button on your Cricut machine:

1. Getting Started:

First off, open Cricut Design Space. Start a new project and upload your SVG file on the canvas.

2. Setting Your Design:

Select the design you just uploaded and ungroup it. This is going to assist you in rearranging stuff.


3. Downloading Digital Paper

You can either upload the digital paper you have been keeping for so long. Or browse over the web for tonnes of free digital papers, Check out my shop too for some lovely Patterned Digital Papers. Download any one of them and upload on your cricut machine!

4. Uploading Your Digital Paper:

Here begins the magical part. To upload a digital paper in design space, click on the upload button where you will see two options: upload image and pattern fill.

You have to select pattern fill as the other option is for uploading images and SVG files.

The upload takes time so be a little patient! Once it’s done, a notification will pop on the top left of the screen.

5. Setting up The Cricut

Naturally when you upload an SVG, Cricut is going to assume you are just going to cut and print it like always. To change this, you have to click on the operations button on the top left and select the standard cut method! It is gonna turn your file into print THEN cut feature!

6. Sticker Filling

Here comes the important sticker filling part. Select the part of the image you want to fill with digital paper and click on the color box in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

7. Print Settings

From there shift the print type to pattern and select the pattern you had previously uploaded. Once your shape is filled with the digital paper you chose, see if it is repetitive. If so, let’s work on fixing that!

8. Scaling the Pattern

Click on the edit pattern button which will allow you to shift and scale the pattern until it looks perfect. There are no proper guidelines to doing that, you will have to explore what works best for you!

Make your adjustments. You may as well flip and rotate it. Do everything you need in order to make it look perfect for you. Once it’s done, move on to the next step.

9. Setting the Background

Drag the filled image away from its original part as you don’t want to touch it and mess it up. Now use the offset tool if you’d like a background on your sticker! Again, do what works for you the best. I prefer the 0.25 offset but you decide for yourself. You can also change the way you want the corners to look, do you want them round or edgy?

Click on apply, once done!

10. Removing Unwanted Spaces

If there are unwanted spaces in the background, fill them in with shapes.Drag the filled image back to its background. Adjust the size and space of everything. Recheck everything and if you’re satisfied with the final look, select everything and flatten it. It’s now ready to print!

Tadaa! You just made a sticker for yourself with digital paper from an old SVG that’s been in your inventory for so long. It’s as easy as you could think of! 

If you want to see how it looks check out my video in the link below and see for yourself. Try these out and let me know in the comments how it turned out!

how to use digital paper in cricut
tips selling on etsy

Tips Selling on ETSY for success in 2021

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Start Selling On ETSY

When I first got to know about ETSY, I was impressed as ETSY is among one of the very few platforms that promotes the hard work of artisans. If you too are looking to sell your handmade crafts, you should definitely consider ETSY. However, selling your products in the ever-so-competitive market is no piece of cake. So today here, I’m going to share some tips selling on etsy that you should know before starting! Let’s start with going over how to start selling on ETSY by setting up a shop:


How To Start Selling on ETSY

To start selling on ETSY, you will need to set up your shop by getting registered on the site. Good news: you can set up your shop on ETSY without paying a single penny! Although there’s a cost of selling on ETSY. You have to pay a small amount of $0.20 per listing to get started!

The following steps will walk you through the process of getting registered:

  • Visit ETSY’s homepage and click on the button that says ‘Sell on Etsy’. Once you are directed to the new page, click ‘Open your Etsy Shop’.
  • Choose your preferences. Such as, your location, the language in which you will describe your products, and the currency in which you’d like to trade.
  • Choose the name of your shop. It can be anything that comes into your mind but I say, go creative! Come up with something unique, short, eye-catching, and easy to pronounce. You should also ensure that the name of your shop resonates with your products!
  • Start listing your products. This is the step that matters the most so make sure you are doing it right! You need to be a lot patient with it because trust me, I know sometimes you would feel like smashing the screen of your computer!
  • In the next section, i’ll explain how to list your products on ETSY. But hold on! if you don’t find this information enough. Check out this post on setting an etsy shop!

Listing Products on ETSY

  • Upload several photos of each product from different angles.
  • Write a product description that is on point! Research relevant keywords and include them in the description as well as the available tags. Make sure to include common questions asked about your product and any allergy concerns. 
  • Include shipping fees. Don’t, I repeat, don’t just randomly enter any number. Write down a fully calculated amount so you don’t end up paying the shipping from your pocket. This is a mistake almost every newbie makes (myself included on several occasions)!
  • Select your payment method. I personally use either PayPal or ETSY Payments as I believe these methods are the easiest. This is the most preferred ones from sellers. Check out more on setting payments in my other post by clicking here.
  • Add your billing information and you’re all set!


5 Must Know Tips Selling on ETSY

  1. Well, for starters, you need to ensure that your product’s photographs are exceptional! People need to be attracted to your products when they view your shop. Make sure it’s clear what you are selling. Don’t make people guess. 
  2. I cannot emphasize this enough, LEARN SEO. Following the correct SEO technique and using the right keywords is the key to organically bring your products to the top and get more sales. Use tools to find keywords related to your business. ERANK is an incredible tool with a free plan!
  3. Don’t go blindly setting prices. Calculate your costs, include the shipping charges and the listing fee, and keep in mind that you will have to pay a 5% transaction fee upon each sale. Make sure you are earning a profit, but keep your profit margin low! [If you need help on pricing, check out our Cost Calculator too]
  4. Give your products a unique edge over your competitors. People need to see a reason to choose YOUR shop over the shop of your competitors.
  5. Market your products through digital media! Link your shop to your socials, introduce coupon codes, offer discounts, etc. Or, you can use paid promotions offered by ETSY to bring your listings to the top. Remember people buy from people so YOU are the face of your company.

I can go on and on about tips selling on etsy but I think if you have come this far, you should now have a pretty great idea about it yourself. These small tips will help you get started. Set up your shop on ETSY now and start selling, your experience will make you learn better!      

tips selling on etsy
halloween craft decorations

Halloween Craft Decorations for 2021

15 Creative and Spooky Halloween Craft Decorations for 2021

Do you hear that? The whispers? I sense someone is here to get ideas about halloween craft decorations. Halloween is my FAVORITE time of the year. I enjoy it because I love seeing everyone dress up in mysterious and spooky costumes. Everyone puts aside their responsibilities to bring out the humorous side of them and enjoy the occasion to the fullest!

As much as I like dressing up on Halloween, I don’t seem to forget my passion for DIY crafts. I have been on it for weeks now, and finally, I decided on these super creative 15 Halloween decor DIY ideas to decorate my home:

Halloween Craft Decorations with Downloadable SVGs

1. The Pumpkin Cart

For this first one, I printed out some stickers from design bundles  and cut them out. Then I pasted these on some undecorated pumpkins. You can also draw and paint orange leaves on your pumpkins. Once done, I placed them in the cart and left them in my yard!

2. Spooky Fog

Plan on throwing a party on Halloween this year? This is one of the perfect Halloween décor ideas for outside. You could do it at the main entrance to welcome your guests in a spooky manner!

Print this haunted house sticker and cut it out. Take a bucket or a pot and paint it rust. Once the paint is completely dry, paste the sticker on it! Pour some dry ice in the bucket, you can easily find it at your local grocery store. Place it on the main entrance and add some water right when the guests start to arrive!

3. Bat Props

Print out this Bat Design on a piece of card paper. Punch a hole on the top and attach a thread to it. Hang these bat props from the ceiling and fulfill your fantasy for halloween craft decorations while at the same time frightening the soul out of your guest’s bodies!

4. Spooky Vases

Wrap up your vases with matte black paper or paint them black. Print this Scary Ghost Bundle on a sticker sheet and cut all of the ghosts out. Paste them on the vases randomly and TA-DAA!

5. Spooky Vases

Hosting a small gathering? Try this! Print this Trick Or Treat template. Cut out the negative space to use it as a stencil. Now place it on the chair covers. Outline the design with a fabric marker and then remove the stencil. Fill the design with fabric paints. Once the paint is dry, put it on your chair and it’s done!

6. Hocus Pocus Wall Hanging

I used this Hocus Pocus SVG to create my wall hanging. I printed it out and then got it framed. You can place this on the doors or the kitchen walls! This is also one of the easiest Halloween décor DIY ideas!

7. Spooky Wine Glass

Now this one is somewhat a permanent idea but you can always reuse them every year. Print out these Spider Stickers paste them on your wine glasses. It looks damn creepy!

8. Halloween Quotes

Pick out any old frames from your mother’s collection and paint them black. Paste any Halloween quote on it and hang it anywhere!

9. Creepy Candle Stand

Use your old wine bottles for this one. Paint them in orange, lime, and rust colors. Stick a red candle in them. Also, spray a little red paint on the bottles to give them a bloody look!

Halloween Decor Ideas for Outside

Halloween decor isn’t only about staying indoors. To set the complete haunted house party, you need to work on the outdoors as well. Read more to find out some halloween decor ideas for outside.

10. Haunted Tree

Looking for Halloween decor ideas for outside to decorate your garden? Try out this one. Print out several copies of this Ghost Design on card paper. Turn it into a prop as I told you in #3. Hang it around the branches of the trees in your garden. You can also hand lots of toilet paper for the effect although I’d suggest against it because you’ll be wasting a lot of tissue paper this way!

11. Scary Fruits

This is my most favorite Halloween décor DIY ideas among all of these. It looks so creepy that it’s almost funny! For this one print these Monster Eye designs. Now cut these out and paste them on the fruits.

Place these fruits in the fruit basket and put the basket on the dining table. I love how it turned out and trust me, it gives you the chills in the first look!

12. Paper Lanterns

Make some Paper Lanterns. You can find tonnes of tutorials on the web. Now paste some spooky stickers that you downloaded from DB on it and you are good to go! Place it on your porch and turn on the light at night to give everyone in your neighbourhood chills!

13. Garden Ghouls

Another one in the collection of Halloween décor ideas for outside: Garden Ghouls! For this one, you need some of the old tin cans. Duh, finally found the use of them! Paint them white then paste Ghost Eyes and Mouth. You can download them from . Place them on your fence to scare the naughty kids away!

14. Spooky Halloween Lights

Customize the lights using this technique  for halloween craft decorations. Take a bundle of orange paper and turn it into small lantern origami. Use these lanterns to cover the bulbs in the string light. You can also get this Halloween Porch Sign to decorate your porch and create spooky halloween vibes.

15. Halloween Welcome Doormats

Choose an SVG from this Halloween Doormat Bundle and print it out. Cut out the negative space to turn it into a stencil. Place this on a plain mat and spray paint it. Your personalized doormat is ready!

So, what do you think about these ideas for halloween craft decorations? Aren’t these simple, easy, and super light on the pocket? Let me know how many of these you liked the most and are planning to follow!

halloween craft decorations
spreadsheet for inventory

Spreadsheet for Inventory Management

How to Use a Spreadsheet to Organize Your Craft Files Inventory?

So, today we are back to talk about this super cool and life-saving spreadsheet for inventory. I use them to keep a track of all of my SVG craft files I purchase online. Even though filling out this spreadsheet every time I spend some bucks over the internet gets in the way of me and procrastination (HAHA) but oh- the way it has helped me out since I have started using it!


Before this wonder came into my life, I often used to forget about most of my purchases. I wouldn’t know about these SVG craft files until I cleared up my hard drive or browsing the web to find the same thing.


Loving to craft and being so disorganized is not a combination that comes in handy. So, this is what I use to keep a record of all my purchases in one place. I’m gonna attach the link here too for you to give it a look. Although it appears to be a little complex at first however, I am going to explain it to you thoroughly in the next few paragraphs.

Before we get started, I want you to Click Open this FREE SPREADSHEET so that you can have an idea of what I am going to talk about next!

We’ll go through each of the columns one by one and I’ll explain the use of it thoroughly.


Name of File

This is the first column that you will be seeing. No explanations are needed, all you have to do is type in the name of the file you are recording. Although I’d share a small tip that I follow. Make sure to name your file with the same name that it is saved on your computer. This way it will be a lot easier to find your SVG craft files whenever you need them!


In this column you mention the price at which you bought your file. This means your cost of purchase will be mentioned here. This is going to help you in remembering how much you spent in purchases.


For calculating the costs and prices, I use this Pricing Spreadsheet. You can check that too. It definitely going to help you in pricing your products while calculating everything from your cost price to your profits!

Source Website

Okay, so the next three tabs mention the most common websites from where people usually purchase their SVG craft files from. If you bought yours from one of these, check the box in that column. If not, you can always add another column to the spreadsheet for the website you made your purchase from. It’s a great tip to have this information with you for future reference.


The tabs in the active column are for you to keep track of if you have that design listed to sell. It’s a cool reminder to know which of your designs are already utilized and actively selling and which still need to be used!


The advertising column is going to help you remember the platforms where you marketed this design. It can be your Facebook page, Instagram account, or any other buying and selling group!


This column is for you to organize your file according to their design type for instance if it is an SVG or graphic.


This column is super important as it is gonna help you keep a record if your file has commercial use or not which means that you can make products out of those designs and sell them! 


So, what do you think? Isn’t it cool that a single sheet can help you remember everything that you need to know about your craft files? The part I love about this spreadsheet for inventory is that you can add further columns to it as well!


If you want to know how I do all this, click on the link below to allow me to give you a demo of the whole thing.


Organizing your SVG Craft Files


If you liked this blog and my video, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends too.

spreadsheet for inventory
vinyl decal planner

Cricut Planner Ideas to make your own

How to Make a Personalized Vinyl Planner with your Cricut Machine?

My life has been a whole lot better since the day I discovered Cricut Design Space, bought my first Cricut machine, and figured out how to use it. Designing with Cricut not only satisfies my cravings for doing DIYs, but it also awards me with a sense of achievement like “Wow, I did this?!” Sometimes I get so into my DIY projects and my business stuff that I lose all the motivation to do other tasks of the day (like laundry – but to be fair, who actually likes that?). So, to keep me motivated while doing something I love, I decided to try out these Cricut planner ideas. Honestly, it turned out to be the most amazing thing I’ve ever done!

For a long time now, I have been searching for an eye-catching vinyl decal planner to keep me motivated throughout the day that I could re-use. Everyone know that paper planners are great, but being able to look at a planner without the countless whiteout marks it *chefs kiss *. So I could personalize a planner using Cricut and a dry erase board.

At first, I wasn’t so sure what I wanted to put on it. I mean there are so many great ideas. I needed it to be functional for me and my business, keeping the top priorities in the top of my mind. Typing in Cricut planner ideas into my google search bar, the results were exciting but totally overwhelming. That when it hit me – we already have a planner! [Link bestie planner] We can totally use that to help us!

I am here so you don’t have to spend much of your time on the internet, watching loads of tutorials before trying out something like I have to. So, today I am back with instructions on how to make your own personalized vinyl decal planner using Cricut!

Now I know hearing the word Cricut planner ideas, makes your mind go crazy with the possibilities of what would happen and how it would turn out. Well there’s just one thing you need to know, the purpose of a planner is to ensure you don’t miss any important deadlines and complete all your tasks for the day. As long as your vinyl decal planner is fulfilling these purposes, you did an amazing job!

To begin with, here’s a list of the things that you need to create your planner using Cricut:

1. Vinyl Sheet

2. Transfer Paper

3. Cricut Machine

4. Cutting Mat

5. Dry erase board


Follow these steps next to create your vinyl decal planner


Start a new project on Design Space, and add your desired designs related to tasks to do, checkboxes, days of the week, motivational quotes, and anything that goes on the planner.

You can choose the free images from Cricut, or make your designs if you’d like.

*Want to skip this step? Download this free svg planner file here!


Once you have finished selecting the designs, resize them to make sure they don’t look too small or too large for your planner.


Once you are satisfied with the design you have made, it’s time to start cutting! Connect your computer to your Cricut Machine.


Place the vinyl sheet on the mat and load it into the Cricut Maker.


Place the vinyl sheet on the mat and load it into the Cricut Maker.


Select your vinyl settings in your Cricut Maker and press the cutting button to start the process.


Once done, carefully remove the mat from the sheet by peeling it, remove the extra vinyl by cutting it and then use transfer tape to grab your vinyl designs.


This brings us to our final step, place the decals on the place your board and remove the transfer tape. You’re done!

Note: Make sure to smooth out the surface to let out all the air bubbles. You may need to throw some elbow grease or use a needle to pop stubborn bubbles.

So, this was the process I followed to make my very simple but customized vinyl decal planner. I took it to my work and everyone loved it! The Cricut planner ideas in your mind might be different from this one but I suggest you start with this one and move on to more creative and complicated designs to master the art!

Check out this one I made for you to plan your business tasks!

cricut planner ideas to make your own
ETSY Best seller badge tips by Ashley

ETSY Best seller badge; How to Get One?

ETSY Best Seller Badge: Top tips to get in the ETSY best seller listing

Being a freelancer, I follow several freelancing groups on social media. So just last night as I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw a post on one of these groups in which the person had asked about ETSY best seller badge. Going through my comments, made me realize how many people are unaware of what it actually means and how one can achieve it. I am guessing I don’t need a further introduction to this post so let’s just get right into it by addressing the most important part first.

But before we get into this, i’d like to address my new bestie’s who’re still wondering what is ETSY and how to setup a shop on etsy. So if you’re a complete beginner, don’t worry i’ve got your back. Check out my previous post to learn everything about etsy and starting your new business.

What does the ETSY Best Seller Badge Mean?

After reading the comments on the post and conducting short research of my own, I have come to a conclusion that a lot of people misunderstand the seller badge to be a representation of how well they are performing. Instead, this badge is only awarded to items that are sold the most in the least number of days.

For instance, if you sell handmade jewellery and you sold 10 pieces of a specific necklace within a day, you may be able to achieve the ETSY best seller badge. However, the minute someone sells 11 pieces of a similar necklace, your badge will instantly vanish and they will be the new owner of it!

Now that you have hopefully understood what the ETSY best seller badge means, let’s move on to understanding the ETSY best seller badge criteria. Knowing so might help you get one for yourself! 

Tips on Gaining the Best Seller Badge on ETSY

Understandably so, selling a maximum number of pieces in a limited time frame is no piece of cake. It’s a combination of extreme hard work, research, and effort. Following are some tips that you should keep in mind when aiming to gain the best seller badge:

1.       Offer something with a unique touch.

2.       Ensure that you have a happy customer base.

3.       Ask your satisfied customers to leave a good review.

4.       Add attractive photos of the products.

5.       Focus on all your products otherwise the badge won’t last long!

ETSY's Rating Criteria

The evaluation of sellers on ETSY is done by counting on two key factors;

1.       The number of complaints against your shop

2.       The number of reviews that have less than 3 stars

If you’re wondering where to find more details on etsy seller badges and ratings. Head over to this link. You can read more about selling on ESTY with this seller handbook. Although there aren’t any precise instructions on how you can achieve the best seller. Therefore, instead of concentrating on earning the best seller badge, I would advise all the ETSY sellers out there to focus on maximizing your sales and keeping your customers happy. Because from what we have learned today, earning a best seller badge on ETSY is not an evidence of how well you perform so even if you are not a badge holder, you still are a star!

etsy best seller badge tips
fall decor ideas title image

Fall decor ideas you can fall for this season

5 Easy and Inexpensive Fall Decor Ideas you can Fall for this Season

So I was going through my year-old Facebook memories yesterday and I was like “Woah! It’s September already?! Feels like we just entered 2021.” Anyway, the beginning of September always really excites me because it is the beginning of so many fun occasions and festivals. The first one being the arrival of fall and working on some exciting fall decor ideas!

I, for one, love this season. The crackling sound of the leaves as I walk through the roadside and the dry breeze hitting my face reminds me of the fact that winter is right around the corner. Unfortunately for me, I live in Florida now, where these events no longer happen but a girl can dream! *Que the world’s smallest violin*

Celebrating the arrival of fall each year is like a tradition for many of us. So last night, I gathered 5 easy and super reasonable fall decor ideas for home that you are gonna love!

*Disclaimer – this post contains afiliate links, they cost you nothing extra, but I do recieve a small commision if you decide to purchase. It’s not enough to make me rich, but it helps funds the coffee and snacks it takes to keep this site moving.

1. Rustic Entrance

Now we need to make the guest feel welcomed, don’t we? The perfect way to do so is to decorate the entrance! What you need to pull this off is to grab your craft machine or to print some fall decals and put them on the main door or the walls of the main entryway. Bonus points for cute fall signs on the porch! To see some examples, check out these designs from Crafty Little Nodes.

2. A Lighted Pumpkin

Ever since I was a child, I have been in love with lighted pumpkins. They never gave me a creepy vibe, instead, I have always looked at them as warm and wonderful pieces for house décor. If these would have gone with the overall theme of my home, I would have placed them somewhere permanently!

To create a lighted pumpkin all you need to do is carve a pumpkin or buy a pre-carved one if you are looking for a time-saving alternative. Then, place battery-charged fairy lights inside it, and TA-DAA, it’s done! Place this on the dining table and have your meals in a cozy setting!

3. Fresh Flowers

For me, orange and yellow coloured flowers make an ideal fall decor for living room. Put a bunch of marigold flowers in a vase and place this vase on the table in your living room. Not only will doing so give you the perfect autumn vibes, but you will also be left with a living room that feels fresh, vibrant, and fragrant!

4. DIY Customized Vase

In order to pull off inexpensive fall decor ideas, your best bet is to utilize most of the things available at your home as the key is to spend very little or no money at all! For this décor idea, all you need is an old vase. Cut or print your favorite fall stickers and place them on the vase or if you are feeling really crafty, grab some brushes and paint some rusted leaves by yourself!

5. Fall Paintings and Stickers

Print some designs of your favorite fall quotes, place them into a frame, and hang them on the walls of your kitchen. A quick, handy, and reusable idea for the perfect fall décor! Check out this large bundle from SVG Original Creations.


printable fall designs image

The above-mentioned ideas are all super light on the pocket and will give you the ideal fall vibes. This year I am looking forward to doing more with vinyl art as they are cheap and replaceable. I have picked my favorite stickers and designs from Design Bundles and I strongly suggest you check them out as well as they have a huge variety of designs that are not only downloadable but printable!

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6 of my absolute FAVORITE Mockup Designers

It’s no question that I absolutely ADORE mockups. I love that you can use them to promote your products without having to sink a lot of money, time, and resources into a possible product flop. They can be used time and time again with a number of designs and depending on who you shop from, you end up with a picture-perfect product EVERY TIME.

With so many mockup creators, who can you trust for a quality product? Well, I am about to share with you, my TOP 6 mockup designers. Now I wouldn’t share something unless I 100% believed in the product or have used it before. These designers are my go-to favorites so get your pen and paper out and take notes besties.

Disclaimer! The links below will navigate you away from the site. Nothing wrong with that, just letting you know!

Southern Market Designs

First up – Southern Market Designs. Her rustic chic designs melt my heart and I can’t help but throw my wallet at her often. She tends to run sales so if you are interested in grabbing some at a killer price be sure to find her on FB. You won’t regret it. To browse her collection of files right now – check out this link here.

Southern Mockup Designer

Sabine B Photography

Another favorite mockup designer is Sabine Photography. She has an amazing eye for capturing products. With her wide range of style and products, she needs to be apart of your mockup collection today. To browse her shop right now – check out this link here.

Sabine B photography Mockup

Mod Mockups

This shop recently popped up in my design feed and when I tell you I am grateful – I MEAN GRATEFUL! They specialize in clothing so if you need some gorgeous mockups for your clothing shop, wait no longer – check out this link here.

Sabine B photography Mockup

Mockups For Crafters

I have to show some love for my Canadian bestie Mockups for Crafters. Her style and mockups are as fun and unique as she is. She is always trying new things to make her designs stand out and collecting amazing props. You can visit her shop by checking out this link here.

Mae Middleton

Mae Middleton brings fresh and bright mockups to the table and if you shop her bundles – OMG – you will score many amazing products. Be sure to check her out by clicking this link here. She recently dropped a HUGE Christmas bundle and I am biting at the bit waiting to download it.

Fleudusoleil Designz

Wrapping this list up, we have Fleudusoleil Designz. Getting started with shirts was a big deal for me. I didn’t have a lot of money for a billion color shirts and I desperately needed quality shirt mockups. I found this shop on Etsy and I have been back countless times. The quality, lighting, props – so perfect! You can see what I mean by looking at them here.

How do I use them?

Oooh! You are in luck. I just so happen to have a youtube video that you can peep to see how to use these mockup designers images to create quality proofs of what you can do without sinking money into the stock.

What about some freebies?

I understand that not everyone has a ton of money to spend right away, trust me I was right there with you! For that reason, I have compiled a list of freebies from other mockup designers that you can download right now and you can see them by visiting this blog and this one (coming soon!). The site adds freebies often, so be on the lookout!