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DIY Fall Doormats to Welcome Fall in Style

Super Cute DIY Fall Doormats to Welcome fall in Style

The drop in temperature outside always sends a wave of energy and excitement into me and leaves me wanting to be creative and do something (pun intended!). I have been super into DIY house décor these days so I have been searching for innovative ideas to change the look of my home and then it clicked to me, I can design my own fall doormats!

DIY doormats are inexpensive and easy to do, so I decided to have some fun myself this year and welcome fall with some super cute doormats. So in search of ideas, I checked over Design Bundles to find so many cute designs!

So for all the people out there who are obsessed with DIYs these days and want to welcome the fall season in full style this year, the following are the ideas for DIY fall doormats that I tried and you’re gonna love!

1. Fall Doormats with Quotes!

This doormat was one of the easiest and hassle-free ones to make as apart from a thing or two, I already had everything at my place! To design this, you will need the following things:

  • Your favorite fall quote’s template design
  • A cardboard paper
  • Scissors
  • Access to a printer
  • Permanent markers
  • Acrylic or spray paints
  • A plastic sheet (optional)
  • Paintbrush
  • And of course, a plain doormat (preferably black)

The process is pretty easy. All you need to do is print out your favorite fall quote’s template design on the cardboard paper and cut it out with the help of scissors. Ta-da, you just created your customized stencil!  

Place this stencil on the doormat and hold it in position. This is a bit tricky part as you want to ensure the stencil is nicely in place as otherwise, your outline may look unfinished. Now it’s up to you if you want to use spray paints or acrylic ones, you can use whatever is available.

For spray paints, directly spray the paint on the stencil but if you are going with acrylics, use a permanent marker to make an outline first. Once the outline is made, you can remove the stencil and fill in the paint with the use of paintbrushes! Once done, leave it to dry for at least a day or until you are sure the paint has completely dried. You can place this on the main entryway as it would make the perfect fall front doormat!

Note: I spread out a plastic sheet before getting on with this, I suggest you do the same if you are not looking forward to a tile cleaning session afterward!

2. Fall Doormats with Leaves!

I loved how this one turned out. It’s super easy to make and requires almost the same stuff as the former one such as:

  •  Fall Leaves Design Template
  •  Cardboard Paper
  • Scissors
  •   Permanent Marker
  •  Paints and Brushes
  •   Plain Doormat

All you need to do for this one is print some fall leaves on the cardboard, place them on different positions on the mat and trace them out. Now fill them in with rustic colors and there you go! Super fun, quick, and easy to do!

I hope this blog inspired you to get into the DIY zone. Try out these fall doormat ideas and let me know how they turned out!

fall doormat ideas
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Fall decor ideas you can fall for this season

5 Easy and Inexpensive Fall Decor Ideas you can Fall for this Season

So I was going through my year-old Facebook memories yesterday and I was like “Woah! It’s September already?! Feels like we just entered 2021.” Anyway, the beginning of September always really excites me because it is the beginning of so many fun occasions and festivals. The first one being the arrival of fall and working on some exciting fall decor ideas!

I, for one, love this season. The crackling sound of the leaves as I walk through the roadside and the dry breeze hitting my face reminds me of the fact that winter is right around the corner. Unfortunately for me, I live in Florida now, where these events no longer happen but a girl can dream! *Que the world’s smallest violin*

Celebrating the arrival of fall each year is like a tradition for many of us. So last night, I gathered 5 easy and super reasonable fall decor ideas for home that you are gonna love!

*Disclaimer – this post contains afiliate links, they cost you nothing extra, but I do recieve a small commision if you decide to purchase. It’s not enough to make me rich, but it helps funds the coffee and snacks it takes to keep this site moving.

1. Rustic Entrance

Now we need to make the guest feel welcomed, don’t we? The perfect way to do so is to decorate the entrance! What you need to pull this off is to grab your craft machine or to print some fall decals and put them on the main door or the walls of the main entryway. Bonus points for cute fall signs on the porch! To see some examples, check out these designs from Crafty Little Nodes.

2. A Lighted Pumpkin

Ever since I was a child, I have been in love with lighted pumpkins. They never gave me a creepy vibe, instead, I have always looked at them as warm and wonderful pieces for house décor. If these would have gone with the overall theme of my home, I would have placed them somewhere permanently!

To create a lighted pumpkin all you need to do is carve a pumpkin or buy a pre-carved one if you are looking for a time-saving alternative. Then, place battery-charged fairy lights inside it, and TA-DAA, it’s done! Place this on the dining table and have your meals in a cozy setting!

3. Fresh Flowers

For me, orange and yellow coloured flowers make an ideal fall decor for living room. Put a bunch of marigold flowers in a vase and place this vase on the table in your living room. Not only will doing so give you the perfect autumn vibes, but you will also be left with a living room that feels fresh, vibrant, and fragrant!

4. DIY Customized Vase

In order to pull off inexpensive fall decor ideas, your best bet is to utilize most of the things available at your home as the key is to spend very little or no money at all! For this décor idea, all you need is an old vase. Cut or print your favorite fall stickers and place them on the vase or if you are feeling really crafty, grab some brushes and paint some rusted leaves by yourself!

5. Fall Paintings and Stickers

Print some designs of your favorite fall quotes, place them into a frame, and hang them on the walls of your kitchen. A quick, handy, and reusable idea for the perfect fall décor! Check out this large bundle from SVG Original Creations.


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The above-mentioned ideas are all super light on the pocket and will give you the ideal fall vibes. This year I am looking forward to doing more with vinyl art as they are cheap and replaceable. I have picked my favorite stickers and designs from Design Bundles and I strongly suggest you check them out as well as they have a huge variety of designs that are not only downloadable but printable!

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