spreadsheet for inventory

Spreadsheet for Inventory Management

How to Use a Spreadsheet to Organize Your Craft Files Inventory?

So, today we are back to talk about this super cool and life-saving spreadsheet for inventory. I use them to keep a track of all of my SVG craft files I purchase online. Even though filling out this spreadsheet every time I spend some bucks over the internet gets in the way of me and procrastination (HAHA) but oh- the way it has helped me out since I have started using it!


Before this wonder came into my life, I often used to forget about most of my purchases. I wouldn’t know about these SVG craft files until I cleared up my hard drive or browsing the web to find the same thing.


Loving to craft and being so disorganized is not a combination that comes in handy. So, this is what I use to keep a record of all my purchases in one place. I’m gonna attach the link here too for you to give it a look. Although it appears to be a little complex at first however, I am going to explain it to you thoroughly in the next few paragraphs.

Before we get started, I want you to Click Open this FREE SPREADSHEET so that you can have an idea of what I am going to talk about next!

We’ll go through each of the columns one by one and I’ll explain the use of it thoroughly.


Name of File

This is the first column that you will be seeing. No explanations are needed, all you have to do is type in the name of the file you are recording. Although I’d share a small tip that I follow. Make sure to name your file with the same name that it is saved on your computer. This way it will be a lot easier to find your SVG craft files whenever you need them!


In this column you mention the price at which you bought your file. This means your cost of purchase will be mentioned here. This is going to help you in remembering how much you spent in purchases.


For calculating the costs and prices, I use this Pricing Spreadsheet. You can check that too. It definitely going to help you in pricing your products while calculating everything from your cost price to your profits!

Source Website

Okay, so the next three tabs mention the most common websites from where people usually purchase their SVG craft files from. If you bought yours from one of these, check the box in that column. If not, you can always add another column to the spreadsheet for the website you made your purchase from. It’s a great tip to have this information with you for future reference.


The tabs in the active column are for you to keep track of if you have that design listed to sell. It’s a cool reminder to know which of your designs are already utilized and actively selling and which still need to be used!


The advertising column is going to help you remember the platforms where you marketed this design. It can be your Facebook page, Instagram account, or any other buying and selling group!


This column is for you to organize your file according to their design type for instance if it is an SVG or graphic.


This column is super important as it is gonna help you keep a record if your file has commercial use or not which means that you can make products out of those designs and sell them! 


So, what do you think? Isn’t it cool that a single sheet can help you remember everything that you need to know about your craft files? The part I love about this spreadsheet for inventory is that you can add further columns to it as well!


If you want to know how I do all this, click on the link below to allow me to give you a demo of the whole thing.


Organizing your SVG Craft Files


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spreadsheet for inventory

FREE Commercial Use SVG Files

Free SVG Files - The Ultimate List of Commercial Use

What are SVG Files and Do we really need them?

Before we start searching for free SVG files. I think it would be better to have a short intro on what SVG files are. So, SVG is short for “Scalable Vector Graphics”. It is a type of XML file that helps upload two-dimensional graphic files on the internet. It is used as an open world format file by graphic designers. Whether or not you’re a designer, but if you have used internet, you might have encountered with SVG files. SVG’s not only help display clear and high resolution content on the internet, but are also search engine optimized and smaller in size. All in all, SVG’s can work as a magic over the internet and has a lot to offer when it comes to visual aesthetics.
free svg files

So you need FREE SVG files?

Look no further. Unless you are new, you know that I LOVE to share those great deals with you besties. No matter if you are starting a business or you are just crafting for fun, you want quality SVG files. I searched high and low, vetted these designers, and have compiled the ultimate list of free svg files – with commercial use. 

(Why commercial use? Check out this post here. )

Some of these sites listed below will have affiliate links attached. They cost you nothing extra, but if you decide to purchase, I get a percentage of the sale.

The Free SVG Files Market Places

These are the big dogs packing heat! These marketplaces consist of several designers from all over the globe. 

Just click on the logo to get started shopping thousands of amazing designers. 

Designer Besties

Just as I sell on the above market places AND have my own site, these designers below have done the same thing. Why shop directly with them? Most times you will find files AND deals on their sites that you won’t find ANY where else – check out these FREE svg files! 

Tinker + Teal


Kita Leigh

Wispy Willow

Tommy + Tilly

Bella B

Perfect Stylish

The SVG Stop

V Anderson

Main Road

Dina Store


SLS Lines

Nichole Andrew

Cruchy Pickle


Missy Meyer

Free SVG Files