cricut design space 101

Cricut Design Space 101 Beginner’s Tutorial

Complete Cricut Design Space 101 tutorial for beginners - Let's start designing!

Being a DIY junkie, the best day of my life was when I discovered Cricut design space. From customizing T-shirts to making my personalized trays, there’s nothing I have tried yet and ended up not falling in love with!

Although I now find Cricut design space super easy to work with, I remember back in the days when I was new to it I had to go through a ton of tutorials and guides before getting into my first Cricut design project. So, here is your ultimate guide if you are new to Cricut and looking for instructions to begin with!

Let’s begin by familiarizing you with the basic things you need to know. For instance, what is Cricut design space 101, and what a Cricut machine is?

Cricut Design Space 101 or let's call it CDS 101

Now this is the software that lets you design millions of your projects. It’s ideal for people who are super creative and love personalizing their things. Cricut design space gives you free access to tonnes of images and fonts for you to choose from. At Cricut design space you get to play with different images, colors, fonts and shapes to make your own design (even upload those free svg files that you have been collecting), and then you send it to the Cricut machine for the next step!

What is a Cricut Machine?

A Cricut machine is electronic and it can cut out your designs on different materials such as vinyl, paper, cardboard, or iron-on transfers. With the help of a Cricut machine, your designs are cut flawlessly and effortlessly. All you need to do is connect your machine to your computer, send in the design to the machine and wait for it to cut!

Now that we have the know-how of the basics, let’s discuss:

Here How do we get CDS?

Getting Cricut design space is a piece of cake! Just follow the following steps to gain access to the design space:

1.  Open your browser and go to

2.  Click on the download button you see on your screen.

3.  Once the download is complete, go to the downloads folder and open the file.

4.  Grant your device permission to launch the app.

5.  Once launched, open the app and sign up with your email address.

P.S: For android or IOS, simply go to Google PlayStore or Apple Store to download the Cricut design app!

Although Cricut design space is free for its users, they do offer memberships. The subscribed members get access to premium photos, fonts, styles, and shapes!


Wondering what to do next? Here are some things that you can begin with to know your way around the Cricut design space:

What can I do with Cricut Design Space?

With Cricut design space, you can design anything that comes to your mind. Although it depends on the type of Cricut machine you own too. But to just give you some knowledge, you can use the design space to make your personalized:

1.  T-shirts, socks, hats, and canvas shoes.

2.  Wall art, trays, and signs.

3.  Tote bags and cushion covers.

4.  Cards and bookmarks!

Coming on to the most important part,

How do I use CDS?

  1. Once you’ve logged into your design space account, you will land on a screen with many designs. 
  2. From there, click on the new project button and you will be directed to a canvas. This is the place where all the magic happens!
  3. On the tab at your left, you will see several buttons. I’m gonna tell you what each of them does in order! First off, the + button directs you to a new canvas. 
  4. The second button provides you with all of the templates which allows you to choose what you intend to design. 
  5. Then, you can move on to the images button through which you can add pictures to your design. 
  6. You can resize and rotate your selected image once it is placed on the canvas.
  7.  Similarly, we have the add text button and the upload button through which you can upload the media of your choice. 
  8. Once ready, you can send it to your Cricut machine and get it cut!


Looking for a video walkthrough?

If you are more of a visual learner and you need a walkthrough on Cricut Design Space, you are in luck! I have created a Beginners Guide to Cricut Design Space video series on our Youtube Channel that you can check out on September 20th. If you are interested in catching that series, be sure to click our channel here.

This guide is only for beginners who want to know the basics about Cricut design space. Remember that no tutorial can help you know your way around design space the way you can navigate yourself by exploring all the options and buttons. So, go and design your first project because practice makes a WO-man perfect 😉

cricut design space 101

Best Places For FREE Files

The internet is full of amazing (and not so amazing) sites that are packed with content. Below, you will find sites that I absolutely LOVE and they are full of free SVG craft files that you can use for personal and commercial use. These designers and sites offer the BEST quality and are totally trusted. If you have a FAVORITE designer, keep in mind that on Fridays, they often have a freebie available for a limited time! (Post updated on 11/27)

Please check each site for their own specific terms and conditions in regards to their files as some may have a limit on the number of products that you can make with each file.

*Disclaimer, some of the following links may be affiliate links. They do not cost you anything extra, they give me a small portion of anything you buy as a thank you. I don’t make enough to drive a Lambo, BUT I can splurge at the dollar tree on an extra craft item.

AMCX Studio

No better place to look than right here 😀 I am switching my “Free Friday” to a permanent free file. So no matter what, you can come back and grab it! If you pay attention in the group, you can even *vote* on the next freebie to be released into the bin.

Design Bundles

ALL time FAVE place to shop for free svg files. They release new sets every Friday! Some are limited edition, while others are ALWAYS free! DB files are free for commercial use. You can check out the current files by clicking here. (Psst, their sister site “Font Bundles” offers FREE fonts! You can see more sites that offer free fonts for commercial use here.)

SVG & Font Market

Another great platform, they have a section on their site that they have carved out for freebies! You can see the collection from several designers by visiting the link here.

So Fontsy

Once again, another site packed with great designers offering FREE files. They are released every Friday and last until the following Thursday. This is a site certainly worth checking out!

Creative Fabrica

ALL time F I found Creative Fabrica when they were hosting their Daily font giveaway. It was SO amazing collecting a new font every day. While they don’t have that program available anymore, they did up the game by hosting their “Daily Gifts”. Daily gifts allow designers to download a free font, SVG, and clip art EVERY day! On top of that, they also have a regular free section (linked below). Creative Fabrica is one of my first stops in the morning when I sit down and you should check it out also.

My Designs In The Choas

My Designs In The Chaos is what I consider a hidden gem. She offers not only tutorials but free crafting files in a lot of her blog posts (I would say all, but I don’t think I have gone back that far to say without a doubt). You will want to browse her blog as that is where her free files are hidden! Her files are always so cute and totally relatable! You can check out all of her designs here.


Most known for her typography skills, Kita has her own section on the web with free files. You can find them using the link below. I have to be honest, I might have stocked up on all of her free mockups. Outside of the free files, her blog (-ish) is incredible! She works with a lazer cutter and seeing it in action is SO cool! Plus if you sign up to her newsletter, you will see her $2 Tuesday Font deals! Go now, what are you waiting for? Use this Link is Here

Caty Catherine

Not sponsored by her, but I absolutely adore Caty Catherine! She posts a new free file EVERY day. Yep – EVERY day. You can subscribe to her email list and get it sent right to your inbox. Her designs are adorable and great quality! I have a folder on my own pc dedicated to her.

Tinker and Teal

My #Designer Crush every day and bestie, Roosell at “Tinker and Teal” has been offering flash freebies. Her rustic-chic charm is sure to make a great staple in your design world! You have to be quick though because some of her free svg files are *LIMITED TIME* only! Do not kick yourself in the butt for missing out. You can check her out by visiting the link here.