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Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas for 2021

8 DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas for 2021

Halloween is that time of the year when even the old souls get excited to play Trick and Treat and dress up in funny or spooky costumes for Halloween. I know how difficult it is to come up with a unique as well as trendy look each year so if you are running out of ideas, I have got you covered. The thing I love the most about Halloween is that you literally have no norms to follow! You can wear and dress up like whatever you want. It’s time to bring all your crazy fantasies to life. The choice is completely yours! So, I have combined 8 evergreen easy diy halloween costumes for kids and adults too that you can create at home in a few minutes. So let’s see which of these looks trend the most this year!

DIY Halloween Costumes with Cricut

Well if you own a Cricut machine, there is no better time than Halloween to use it. You can create fabulous DIY Halloween costumes with Cricut. The best part is that you can get Free SVG Bundles for creating your own halloween shirts. Here are some of my favorite ideas for DIY Halloween costumes for kids as well as adults using a Cricut machine:

1. The Skeleton

You can easily create a skeleton costume for yourself or your kids at home by just bringing your Cricut machine to use. To pull this one off, all you need is to print and cut some svg bones (stickers) and apply them to your black jumpsuit. If you don’t have a black jumpsuit, you can simply put them on a pair of black pants and a plain black t-shirt!

2. Elsa from Frozen

Make this costume for your little princess and she will be over the moon! For this one, you just have to use your Cricut machine to cut a variety of snowflakes and apply them to her ice-blue dress. You can finish the look by braiding her hair similar to Elsa’s iconic braid, you will find hundreds of tutorials on YouTube that will teach you how to do that!

3. Snow White

Dressing up as snow white is a great idea for DIY Halloween costumes for kids. Simply pair up a blue shirt with a yellow skirt. Give the hair some tight curls and apply ruby red lipstick. To really get into the character, give your kid a fresh apple to carry around during the party!

Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Changed your mind and decided to attend that Halloween party? I got your back with these couple of last minute DIY Halloween costume ideas. You can create this look with things that are easily available at home!

4. Ross and Rachel in Vegas

This one is for the Friends’ fans! I came across this idea for easy diy halloween costumes while scrolling through my Instagram feed. I am sure fans of friends are gonna love it! But, you will need a plus one to match the vibe of this costume.

Just take a black marker and draw a moustache and beard on your face if you’re a girl and whiskers on your face if you’re a guy. You can Google their photos for more accurate reference and that’s it! It will take hardly 5 minutes to finish this look and everyone who has seen friends will immediately recognize what you guys are the minute you enter the party!

5. The Traditional Ghost

Short on ideas and running out of time? Well, you can always pull off this look for DIY Halloween costumes at home. Drape a white sheet over yourself and hold a lighted pumpkin in one hand. There you go, simple, fun, and scary ideas for easy DIY Halloween costumes.

DIY Halloween Costumes at Home

The older you grow, the less sense it starts to make in investing a sum of money to buy a ridiculous costume that you are never going to wear again! So, the rational thing to do would be to create a Halloween costume for yourself at home while also spending the least amount of money.

Refer to these ideas below to get some inspiration:

6. The Happy Clown

I know this is among one of the most common costumes but hey if we are talking about easy DIY Halloween costumes, this is something you can pull off with the least hassle!

Own a pair of red chinos? Great! Pair it up with a bright-colored shirt and get yourself a clown wig and some face paints. You know how this goes, put on the wig, give yourself a clown makeover, and Ta-da! It would take like 15 minutes for you to get ready!

7. Bloody Mary

Ah- it doesn’t matter how old I am, bloody Mary still scares the soul out of me! You can easily do a bloody Mary makeover at home and get ready for Halloween. All you need is a white dress and some face paints.

Wear the dress and paint your face and neck white. Now add effects using either red lipstick or red paint. Again, google the pictures for a better reference. You will be amazed at how effortless it is to create this look and yet it looks so spooky!

8. Strawberry Costume

This is a perfect idea for DIY Halloween costumes for kids if you are a mom to a little girl. All you need is to buy felt paper in the colors yellow and green. Cut out seed-like shapes from the yellow felt paper and leaves from the green one and paste these on her plain red dress using a glue gun or double-sided tape (if you don’t want the dress to be ruined). Scatter around the yellow seeds on the dress and paste the leaves along the neckline of the dress. She can pair it up with a basket in her hand containing strawberries!

You can also use my Cute Creepy Kids SVG Bundle to make your child rock the party.

So, which one of these was your favorite? For me, it has to be the one with Ross and Rachel in Vegas! It is so creative and yet so easy. If you want to dress up unique, I suggest you try this one. I’m really looking forward to Halloween this year, let’s wait and find out which costume was the most common and trending this year!

easy diy halloween costumes
halloween craft decorations

Halloween Craft Decorations for 2021

15 Creative and Spooky Halloween Craft Decorations for 2021

Do you hear that? The whispers? I sense someone is here to get ideas about halloween craft decorations. Halloween is my FAVORITE time of the year. I enjoy it because I love seeing everyone dress up in mysterious and spooky costumes. Everyone puts aside their responsibilities to bring out the humorous side of them and enjoy the occasion to the fullest!

As much as I like dressing up on Halloween, I don’t seem to forget my passion for DIY crafts. I have been on it for weeks now, and finally, I decided on these super creative 15 Halloween decor DIY ideas to decorate my home:

Halloween Craft Decorations with Downloadable SVGs

1. The Pumpkin Cart

For this first one, I printed out some stickers from design bundles  and cut them out. Then I pasted these on some undecorated pumpkins. You can also draw and paint orange leaves on your pumpkins. Once done, I placed them in the cart and left them in my yard!

2. Spooky Fog

Plan on throwing a party on Halloween this year? This is one of the perfect Halloween décor ideas for outside. You could do it at the main entrance to welcome your guests in a spooky manner!

Print this haunted house sticker and cut it out. Take a bucket or a pot and paint it rust. Once the paint is completely dry, paste the sticker on it! Pour some dry ice in the bucket, you can easily find it at your local grocery store. Place it on the main entrance and add some water right when the guests start to arrive!

3. Bat Props

Print out this Bat Design on a piece of card paper. Punch a hole on the top and attach a thread to it. Hang these bat props from the ceiling and fulfill your fantasy for halloween craft decorations while at the same time frightening the soul out of your guest’s bodies!

4. Spooky Vases

Wrap up your vases with matte black paper or paint them black. Print this Scary Ghost Bundle on a sticker sheet and cut all of the ghosts out. Paste them on the vases randomly and TA-DAA!

5. Spooky Vases

Hosting a small gathering? Try this! Print this Trick Or Treat template. Cut out the negative space to use it as a stencil. Now place it on the chair covers. Outline the design with a fabric marker and then remove the stencil. Fill the design with fabric paints. Once the paint is dry, put it on your chair and it’s done!

6. Hocus Pocus Wall Hanging

I used this Hocus Pocus SVG to create my wall hanging. I printed it out and then got it framed. You can place this on the doors or the kitchen walls! This is also one of the easiest Halloween décor DIY ideas!

7. Spooky Wine Glass

Now this one is somewhat a permanent idea but you can always reuse them every year. Print out these Spider Stickers paste them on your wine glasses. It looks damn creepy!

8. Halloween Quotes

Pick out any old frames from your mother’s collection and paint them black. Paste any Halloween quote on it and hang it anywhere!

9. Creepy Candle Stand

Use your old wine bottles for this one. Paint them in orange, lime, and rust colors. Stick a red candle in them. Also, spray a little red paint on the bottles to give them a bloody look!

Halloween Decor Ideas for Outside

Halloween decor isn’t only about staying indoors. To set the complete haunted house party, you need to work on the outdoors as well. Read more to find out some halloween decor ideas for outside.

10. Haunted Tree

Looking for Halloween decor ideas for outside to decorate your garden? Try out this one. Print out several copies of this Ghost Design on card paper. Turn it into a prop as I told you in #3. Hang it around the branches of the trees in your garden. You can also hand lots of toilet paper for the effect although I’d suggest against it because you’ll be wasting a lot of tissue paper this way!

11. Scary Fruits

This is my most favorite Halloween décor DIY ideas among all of these. It looks so creepy that it’s almost funny! For this one print these Monster Eye designs. Now cut these out and paste them on the fruits.

Place these fruits in the fruit basket and put the basket on the dining table. I love how it turned out and trust me, it gives you the chills in the first look!

12. Paper Lanterns

Make some Paper Lanterns. You can find tonnes of tutorials on the web. Now paste some spooky stickers that you downloaded from DB on it and you are good to go! Place it on your porch and turn on the light at night to give everyone in your neighbourhood chills!

13. Garden Ghouls

Another one in the collection of Halloween décor ideas for outside: Garden Ghouls! For this one, you need some of the old tin cans. Duh, finally found the use of them! Paint them white then paste Ghost Eyes and Mouth. You can download them from . Place them on your fence to scare the naughty kids away!

14. Spooky Halloween Lights

Customize the lights using this technique  for halloween craft decorations. Take a bundle of orange paper and turn it into small lantern origami. Use these lanterns to cover the bulbs in the string light. You can also get this Halloween Porch Sign to decorate your porch and create spooky halloween vibes.

15. Halloween Welcome Doormats

Choose an SVG from this Halloween Doormat Bundle and print it out. Cut out the negative space to turn it into a stencil. Place this on a plain mat and spray paint it. Your personalized doormat is ready!

So, what do you think about these ideas for halloween craft decorations? Aren’t these simple, easy, and super light on the pocket? Let me know how many of these you liked the most and are planning to follow!

halloween craft decorations
fall decor ideas title image

Fall decor ideas you can fall for this season

5 Easy and Inexpensive Fall Decor Ideas you can Fall for this Season

So I was going through my year-old Facebook memories yesterday and I was like “Woah! It’s September already?! Feels like we just entered 2021.” Anyway, the beginning of September always really excites me because it is the beginning of so many fun occasions and festivals. The first one being the arrival of fall and working on some exciting fall decor ideas!

I, for one, love this season. The crackling sound of the leaves as I walk through the roadside and the dry breeze hitting my face reminds me of the fact that winter is right around the corner. Unfortunately for me, I live in Florida now, where these events no longer happen but a girl can dream! *Que the world’s smallest violin*

Celebrating the arrival of fall each year is like a tradition for many of us. So last night, I gathered 5 easy and super reasonable fall decor ideas for home that you are gonna love!

*Disclaimer – this post contains afiliate links, they cost you nothing extra, but I do recieve a small commision if you decide to purchase. It’s not enough to make me rich, but it helps funds the coffee and snacks it takes to keep this site moving.

1. Rustic Entrance

Now we need to make the guest feel welcomed, don’t we? The perfect way to do so is to decorate the entrance! What you need to pull this off is to grab your craft machine or to print some fall decals and put them on the main door or the walls of the main entryway. Bonus points for cute fall signs on the porch! To see some examples, check out these designs from Crafty Little Nodes.

2. A Lighted Pumpkin

Ever since I was a child, I have been in love with lighted pumpkins. They never gave me a creepy vibe, instead, I have always looked at them as warm and wonderful pieces for house décor. If these would have gone with the overall theme of my home, I would have placed them somewhere permanently!

To create a lighted pumpkin all you need to do is carve a pumpkin or buy a pre-carved one if you are looking for a time-saving alternative. Then, place battery-charged fairy lights inside it, and TA-DAA, it’s done! Place this on the dining table and have your meals in a cozy setting!

3. Fresh Flowers

For me, orange and yellow coloured flowers make an ideal fall decor for living room. Put a bunch of marigold flowers in a vase and place this vase on the table in your living room. Not only will doing so give you the perfect autumn vibes, but you will also be left with a living room that feels fresh, vibrant, and fragrant!

4. DIY Customized Vase

In order to pull off inexpensive fall decor ideas, your best bet is to utilize most of the things available at your home as the key is to spend very little or no money at all! For this décor idea, all you need is an old vase. Cut or print your favorite fall stickers and place them on the vase or if you are feeling really crafty, grab some brushes and paint some rusted leaves by yourself!

5. Fall Paintings and Stickers

Print some designs of your favorite fall quotes, place them into a frame, and hang them on the walls of your kitchen. A quick, handy, and reusable idea for the perfect fall décor! Check out this large bundle from SVG Original Creations.


printable fall designs image

The above-mentioned ideas are all super light on the pocket and will give you the ideal fall vibes. This year I am looking forward to doing more with vinyl art as they are cheap and replaceable. I have picked my favorite stickers and designs from Design Bundles and I strongly suggest you check them out as well as they have a huge variety of designs that are not only downloadable but printable!

fall decor ideas pintrest image